API Connector


Configure IT provides External API Configuration.  Go to Web Services List →Add New API.

Web Service List

Configure External API

Create New API

See the default screen for Add New WS (Detail Page).

For Example : we are creating a new API to get Instagram followers details.

API Configuration

Now you will be redirected to configuration page of WS. You just need to configure WS using a simple flowchart structure.

See below API configuration page

See below screen of “External API” panel & configure it:

API Types

External :

It allows you to use external APIs directly such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.

  • External API : Select any API from given APIs like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.
  • Service : Select Service that is to be called from given services such as get user profile or get follows etc.
  • Authentication : Authentication for a particular API.
  • API URL : It will be automatically filled with the API URL.
  • Add Headers : Headers can be added.
  • API Method : Select any API method from GET / POST / PUT / DELETE / JSONPOST / XMLPOST.
  • Input parameters : Based on selected API method , input params format gets changed and more Input Params can also  be included.

Custom :

It allows you to add a custom URl.

Set the URL params  with temporary data.

Set the Output Format

Single Key : allows you to have response in nested structure

  • set sequence of output params
  • set param as parent node / subnode
  • apply PHP function on specific output  param
  • modify output  param name by edit

See the image for the single key

Multiple Key : allows you to have response in simple - multiple key structure

Show Response : shows you Request Headers , Response Headers and API Response in popup.

Just ‘Save’ settings. Now API is configured.

After configuring “External API” , it allows you to process it further using different options like loop , condition etc.

Add “Finish” controller

Now add “Finish” controller options to finish the flow. Select output params and set success message.

Now , “save settings” and execute it. It will show you data response in new window. It’s done now.