4 Major Enterprise Benefits of Cloud Apps

Jigar Panchal

The recent survey shows that cloud apps have become very handy for enterprises. Cloud apps play an important role in making employees happier and promoting BYOA (Bring Your Own Apps) concept. The blog discusses cloud apps.

Enterprise Cloud Mobility

Cloud apps or cloud-friendly apps are becoming the choice of many enterprises these days. As cloud computing concept spreads at a rapid pace, enterprises across the world prefer cloud apps.

Cloud Apps’ Features and Importance

Lower cost, flexibility, scalability, speedier deployment, etc. are just some of the key features of cloud apps. Such apps have significantly increased employees’ job satisfaction and productivity.

A recent survey by The Blackstone Group shows some interesting facts about cloud apps:

  • Approximately 74 percent of cloud app users are happy at work
  • About 96 percent of the cloud app using employees say that they feel more productive at work
  • More than 85 percent of employees have an optimal work-life balance as they use cloud apps
  • Manufacturing sector dominates with 67 percent cloud apps adaption

As per the findings, we can say that cloud apps cause a favorable change in the work culture of any company. Let’s make a list of some of the major enterprise benefits of cloud apps:

  1. Bring Happiness at Work: Cloud apps help you make happy employees happier. This reduces an overall employee turnover of the company. With interactive and innovative approach, such apps can enhance employees’ experience.
  2. Increase Productivity: Happiness transforms into higher productivity of employees. Enterprises can get benefits from creating ‘anytime anywhere’ work environment. Cloud apps enable employees to access the relevant data anytime and complete their tasks even when they are out of office.
  3. Work-life Balance: Employees can maintain work-life balance through such apps. As such apps facilitate working from remote places; employees find it easier to balance between personal and professional tasks, which eventually reflect in their performance.
  4. Successful Implication of BYOA (Bring Your Own Apps) Concept: Enterprise apps without cloud are unable to deliver the desired performance in terms of fetching enormous amount of data with flawless performance. Such apps can annoy employees, and they cannot get habituated to BYOA concept. On the other hand, they willingly adapt the concept in the case of cloud apps.
    Mainly enterprises into manufacturing and legal sectors can get benefits from BYOA concept.

That’s not all. Cloud apps have many more benefits. Enterprises should show a willingness to support cloud apps and set up infrastructure for them in order to leverage all the business benefits.

Single Sign-on Technology

An infrastructure for cloud apps basis on single sign-on technology and a survey shows that single sign-on technology in cloud apps accounts for making employees three times happier with their jobs.

Development of Cloud Apps

These days, developing a cloud app is no longer rocket science as technology advances. Some of the innovative online app development platforms assist entrepreneurs in developing cloud-friendly apps with all the desired features.

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