5 Hot Ways to Make Cool Enterprise Apps

Jigar Panchal

In the edge of competition, enterprises don’t miss any opportunity of marketing their products. Enterprises across the world want to take advantage of the mobile boom. The blog talks about some of the most important ways to make customer-centric and “cool” enterprise apps.

Enterprise Mobile App Maker

Billions of smart device users open the doors of new opportunities of businesses for enterprises worldwide. They can use a mobile platform for promoting their products or services. One of the finest ways to utilize mobile technology for increasing growth of a business is an enterprise app with desired features.

An app with all the necessary features serves three major purposes of enterprises:

  • Attract people and prospective customers
  • Engage existing customers
  • Entice employees

These days, techno-savvy entrepreneurs and employees want to make an enterprise app with desired features by themselves. There, technology lends a helping hand.

Build Your Own Application (BYOA) Concept and Technology

Online mobile app development platform facilitates the development of an app with little or no coding. Such platforms have generated the BYOA concept in the enterprises.

With some online technical support and a huge collection of tools, entrepreneurs or even non-technical employees can also make a business app with necessary features, but then, in order to attract and retain people, one should follow the following ways:

  1. BYOD : It has nothing to do with the enterprise mobility concept-Bring Your Own Device. Here, BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Data, which includes all the structured and unstructured data even from the legacy system and combine them in a new but familiar way. It enables enterprises to come forward with valuable app.
  2. Customer-centric approach : Attractive user interface and flawless operation satisfy end users. People get attracted toward such apps and enterprises can put some interactive features for engaging them.
  3. All-inclusiveness : From data and form-filling to other innovative features, “cool” app requires everything. It should have anything that is necessary to improve user experience.
  4. Native experience : These days, people expect apps for every device they use. There, native tools of an online app development platform enable enterprises make an app that can give the same performance to every device. BYOA concept enables an app developer to build an app without a separate version for every device.
  5. Easy-to-share and re-use : “Cool” apps should be shareable and reusable. Every time such apps should perform in a seamless manner. When enterprises make an app, they should take care of such characteristics, and they can leverage the latest technology for making such app.

That’s it. Just take care of factors mentioned above and voila! You come up with the “cool” enterprise apps. For making apps that are attractive to both end-users and employees, entrepreneurs can use an online app development platform.

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