7 most useful tips for saving time of development

Jigar Panchal

We always look for guidelines to save time—software developers are not an exception too! With quickly approaching deadlines and lots of work to do, every minute counts!

Consider these tips to save time during the entire development process:


  1. Put the plan on paper

Everything should be well planned if the journey is to be enjoyed. So analyze earlier data, prepare a report, accommodate new requirements and discuss it with all the stakeholders involved. Once all the inputs are received and considered, revise the plan, set strategies and convert your ideas into an actionable plan. It must consist of the need of resources – which skilled resources for how long, tasks & responsibility allotment – list of tasks, prioritize them and assign responsible persons, how to deal with emergencies –shortages of resources, urgency, change in requirement and their solutions.

  1. Divide tasks into smaller parts

Tasks can be split into smaller and manageable parts on the basis of the type of task, priority or related tasks. Clearly defined tasks, actions, and role of the team member leads to harmony and self-motivation. The team can work effectively and produced wondering results.

  1. Always choose professionals

Professionals are equipped with all the tools necessary for the success of your project. They will provide more valuable ideas, the on-time solution derived from their expertise and experience. You can reap the benefits of their professionalism, dedication, and commitment. By outsourcing software development to team of experts, you extend your professionals team and improve special skills. It is also vitally important not to engage specialists in low-value tasks.

  1. Easy access to resources

Maintaining all the resources i.e. software, documents, report forms, passwords at once place and availing its access to the team member depending on their roles and responsibilities is certainly essential.

  1. Maximize Use of Templates

The most productive tip would be to design templates for everything which are used frequently i.e. create reusable & scalable methods, functions, classes, and objects; create database access class to handle the connection, querying and accessing database; and project documents. Apart from these, if you can make templates for emails to be sent at different stages, list of general questions for each project, daily output report form, and project progress report then it can add up considerable time. You just need to make small changes which are way better than creating them from the scratch.

  1. Process automation

In each industry, there are many tasks which are repetitive, time-consuming and boring. These processes can be automated which can plenty of time. Other benefits to be listed are increased productivity, safety, and productivity. This leads to the more efficient use of resources with better quality.

  1. Shorten Your Meetings

Meetings to plan development as well as to measure progress takes extensive time. To curtail it, ask each stakeholder to come up with exact points to be discussed, how much time it will take and priority list. This way high priority topics will be discussed first and important decisions can be taken at earliest and meetings can be precise. Holding online meeting can be more convenient avoiding traffic, pollution and transportation time.

Apart from these listed, if you still want to save your time and improve efficiency, check your emails/mobile messages only twice or trice at the scheduled time. Instead of multi-tasking, allocate dedicated time for each task which can in turn, builds result-oriented approach.

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