A Checklist for Mobile App Design

Jigar Panchal

When it comes to mobile applications, features and speed significantly improve user experience, but then, without attractive appearance, it is nearly impossible to engage the end users. The blog includes some of the important factors to consider while designing the mobile business apps. In the edge of mobility, enterprises cannot rule out the importance of quality mobile apps. But then, enterprises have to deal with less acceptance rate as compared to gaming and other category apps. Let’s find out the important aspects that enable enterprises to come up with quality applications.


Business mobile apps mostly serve two purposes: Firstly, they attract and engage both existing and prospective customers. Secondly, they act as inexpensive marketing tools for the companies, as companies can readily put promotional offers for users. Both the objectives can be served only by giving everything that the end users want to have in their apps. Today, as it is hard to stand out from hundred and thousand of applications, companies need to give a perfect combination of appearance and performance.

Design matters

When it comes to appearance, we certainly cannot ignore design as it is capable of attracting people. An attractive user interface (UI) and a smooth navigation along with a single-touch operation are sure-fire ways to entice users. Today, many companies take the advantage of technological advancement and develop apps by using online mobile app development platform. For them, following points can become handy prior to design in-house tailor-made business software:

  • Don’t think about the trend: “Design is how it works”- Steve Jobs’ immortal sentence is applicable to applications for all time. As the trend of mobile apps is here to stay, companies need to think about the longevity of applications. A classic design that remains for a long period is necessary for the company. In addition, companies should focus on tomorrow while designing software to avoid difficulties regarding obsolescence.
  • Make it simple: Simple design usually compatible with most of the smart devices. In addition, simplicity offers a smooth navigation to the end users to access all the content. It enables companies to improve the user experience in a significant manner and companies can gradually start motivating the users.
  • Reflect your purpose: Companies make mobile software with a specific objective, and design should reflect that objective. Such software motivate the users to take some action, be it a purchase of products or contact the company. Companies should select colors and graphics by keeping such thing in mind. In addition, scaling of colors also plays a vital role in attracting users.
  • Understand users’ demand: For companies, it is necessary to find an audience and their demands, motivating factors, pain points, etc. prior to designing customized mobile software. In addition, it is better to get an appropriate estimation of targeted audience reaction on getting a business app.
  • Stick to basics: Company logo, spacing, app icon, etc. are some of the fundamental aspects that need to address on the priority basis. Substandard logo can damage company’s reputation, improper spacing can adversely affect appearance, and poor designing of an app icon can prevent people from downloading the app. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid making any experiment with them and stick to the basic rules.

Here, we have covered some of the points, but the in-house development team will find them handy to design alluring mobile apps for the companies. Nowadays, as online mobile app development tools offer many resources, it is way easy to make feature-rich business app along with beautiful design.

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