A Comprehensive Guide to Develop Appealing & Productive Mobile Apps

Jigar Panchal

This is the era of Mobile Technology. Every day, hundreds of applications launch on the compatible app store which is a plus point for all the smartphone users, but at the same time it is stony for developers to fulfill these much requirements. To make the application popular and profitable one should take care of multiple things.

Here are the steps that app developers should follow to build an attractive, catchy & profitable app:

  • Before starting the app development, note down the whole idea on any paper, means write down your imagination on a paper.
  • Check for the feasibility, and also which audience will get benefit from this app.
  • Till today, millions of apps with different categories available in the market such as – Shopping apps, Security apps, Weather apps, calling apps, game apps, Travel apps, etc. So the app that you want to make must have at least one unique feature with that more and more audience attract towards the app.
  • App design must have to be handy, but still attractive that helps to divert more and more audience towards the app.
  • Must follow the UI guidelines, every platform has its own UI guidelines.
  • The design of an App icon should be clearly represent the use of an app. These kind of little things matter a lot.
  • Design the pictures and videos that can clearly represent the use of the app. Always keep these types of things simple.
  • Keep the mind clear about the technology. Today with multiple options, developers can choose between manual app development for iOS, Android etc. or cross platform app development tools such as Configure.IT, Sencha Touch etc. With these tools, one can develop app for multiple platforms with a single code. It saves a lot of time as well as money.
  • App size & resolution also play a crucial role. The app size should be compatible with all the devices of a particular platform.
  • Every platform provides a framework with API, developer should take this advantage for software features.
  • In the initial stage of launching the app, need continuous observation that will allow to immediately troubleshoot, address and prioritize against any app issues including network latency, errors, bugs, and crashes. A new user who will face any trouble might be never return and it will create a negative impression as well. So the app must have to be bug-free before the launching.
  • There are the many ways to publish your app – Top free app, top paid app, top Glossary. But in initial stage developer should publish a beta version of the app, keep it free and open to everyone, so everyone can use it.
  • It is essential to understand which will be your targeted market.
  • Create a buzz in that market about the app via online marketing, E-mail marketing etc.
  • Take feedback about the app from the users, know what people are saying about the app and identify likes & dislikes.
  • Try to find out what people want more in the app via their comments and try to provide those facilities in the next version of the app.

With the help of the above steps, app developers can develop a user-friendly, handy & attractive app. “Talk of the town” apps can be made by properly using these steps.

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