Android N First Preview from Developers’ Viewpoint

Jigar Panchal

On Thursday, March 10, 2016 google has surprised everyone with the spontaneous announcement of Android N Developer Preview. It seems crazy that only 3% of Android users are now using Android Marshmallow, and yet, google is going to release its new OS.

However, Google released Android N Developer Preview earlier in order to get more feedback from the developers and it’s final version will release in Q3 2016. Recently, it is available on some Nexus devices only, like Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. The Android N Developer Preview does not contain all new feature of next version of Android but only few parts, it’s available only for testing purpose. Moreover, the name Android N is just a codename and Google will declare the full name in coming days thereby maintaining the old tradition of keeping the names.

Why Android N is too early

The main reason why Google released the Android N earlier is only for developers to test the compatibility and making sure that apps will support all new features when the official version will release. It’s quite common to have some issues such as stability and performance with developer preview version but it’s only recommended for those who want to check how to utilize new APIs and features within their apps. Many apps can get instant problem with this first preview version, but this is only for internal tests and to see how the new APIs could improve the app when official version will launch.

Below are confirmed Android N features

1. Multi-window mode: It is officially confirmed that Android N has multi-window mode that means, users who are using Android N on phones or tablets will be able to operate two apps above one another or kept side by side. Also, it will be easy to resize the running apps by dragging a divider between them. Maybe this feature will work well on tablet such as Pixel C.

2. Revamped setting menu :Users can open the quick settings by using the small arrow appears on the right-hand side of the screen. Settings can be paginated and users can edit the icons appear at the top of the notifications shade. Android N has a new system UI tuner options for quick settings such as Night Mode and developers can create their own custom Quick Settings icons.

3. Improved notification shade : With Android N, Google has improved the way of notifications. Its shade is more suitable, and area is flatter than ever. Now users can respond to messages directly within a notification. Now frequently used things like DND (Do Not Disturb), Wi-Fi, battery and flashlight can be toggled on & off directly by a thin strip of toggles at the top of the notifications shade.

4. Doze mode : Google has first time introduced the energy saving mode Doze in Marshmallow. Now, this feature has been improved in Android N. In Marshmallow, it works only when the phone remains completely undisturbed for a long time. This new Android N Doze mode works with some more improvements. An idle phone will enter into a deeper hibernation mode with deferring network and other activity. The mode is continuous till widely spaced-out ‘maintenance’ windows before slipping back to sleep

5. New Data Saver feature : Data Saver mode is a new system service introduced in Android N to reduce cellular data use by apps during roaming, during the end of billing cycle, or while using a small prepaid data pack. It gives users control over using data by apps and enables developers to offer more efficient data services.


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