API Builder – New and Unique

Jigar Panchal

Configure.IT is a comprehensive platform comprising a wide list of features, APIBuilder is one of the most innovative.


APIBuilder, as the name suggests, builds logic visually, using simple flowcharts and sequence of actions, and also allows you to fetch & connect data from different sources. This unique tool permits users to design the logic of the proposed application, arranges flow of the API and drives data flow from input devices to output devices.

Features of APIBuilder:

  •         Flowchart Based APIs: Unique in itself is the API process which user can configure using a flowchart to define the logic of the Application. Configure.IT will convert it automatically into PHP code so you just need to give visual sequence and the rest will be done by us.
  •         Visual Query Builder: The biggest headache is writing queries which have no appearance here. Don’t worry about the syntax or rules, just design it using the query builder where you need to select from available options and queries will be written automatically.
  •         Easy & Powerful: As with visual flow chart, it becomes easy to understand the logic and its flow as well as debugging, testing and modifying is easier than ever before.
  •         Conditions & Control Structures: Nested loops and Conditional flow is also a part of this powerful tool so leave your worries about complex logic on us and focus on core development.
  •         Model-based App API Design: All database objects are tightly integrated so defining logic based on the data model becomes swift.
  •         Add Custom Code: Custom code can be added anytime into the app by adding a function to your project library and adding it while executing flow.
  •         Build Reusable APIs: User can make APIs for some generic functions which can be used for multiple modules or multiple projects and reuse them whenever needed.
  •         External API Connector: Any external APIs ranging from Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to Google Maps, Payment Gateways etc can be connected with the proposed application. Any JSON or XML based API over SOAP or even just simple HTTPs can be connected into the app too.
  •         Multiple ways to connect: User can choose from GET or/and POST, including support from HTTPS with 128-bit encryption to connect the API with the app.
  •         Trigger Notification: API flow can integrate any kind of notifications such as SMS, Email or Push Notifications on the fulfillment of any definite conditions.
  •         CRUD Web Services with just a Click: Basic CRUD queries based APIs can be generated with just a click in no time which saves a lot of time of preliminary level tasks.
  •         Real-time Debugging and testing: Real-time debugging with breakpoints to check the flow visually is possible with this tool along with testing of APIs with sample data to check the immediate output. Access to I/O logs is available with the user.
  •         Downloadable Source Code: Each flowchart is converted to PHP source code which in turn, available to download, to be extended or reused or to be hosted on 3rd party server.
  •         Lightweight: Source code generated for each API are extremely small so you can enjoy the benefits of maximum performance with minimum storage.

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