App Development for iOS: Trends to watch in 2015 and beyond

Jigar Panchal

These days, no organization can ignore iOS apps as a surge in number of iPhone users that opens the doors of a huge business opportunity. Even developers and app owners also get the reward for deploying apps on the App Store, as Apple retains only 30 percent share of sales. But then, it is important for the developers to consider some newer trends in iOS app development to cope with the advancement in wearable technology in the form of Apple Watch. We discuss some of the latest trends to lookout for the year 2015 and beyond in this blog.

What is there for iOS apps in 2015 and beyond?

It is much-debated and trending topic of this year and with technological advancement in this domain, it is interesting to know what this year and upcoming years can offer to iOS app developers. As competition heats up, developers are now keen to come up with the most engaging and user-friendly apps for the App Store. The arrival of Apple Watch increases the tempo, and undoubtedly, it is the first trend of our blog:

  • Wearable devices: Apple Watch is here to stay. Technological advancement in upcoming watch models can give a better financial reward to the developers in the future. Here, the only condition is: Developers need to stick to quality in terms of user experience and overall functionality of iOS apps. Developers can upgrade or modify their existing iPhone apps for Apple Watch as well to attract more users.
  • App security: Today, many enterprises use iPhone enterprise apps for leveraging benefits of enterprise mobility and BYOD concepts. They want to protect their critical business data. Also, as number of apps keeps on increasing in the App Store, developers need to focus more on the security of their existing and new apps.
  • Enhanced performance: Developers need to keep pace with users’ demands and technological advancement while developing apps with a stunning performance. In the flood of apps, only those apps will do better that have excellent performance and wonderful appearance.
  • IBeacon technology: Nowadays, iOS gadgets extend their location-based services through innovative iBeacon technology. While utilizing this amazing technology with BLE (Bluetooth low energy), app developers can keep their eyes on clients. Upswing in the downloads is obvious for the apps that are using this technology.

In brief, we can say that programmers need to focus on appearance, performance, security, and technological advancement from the year 2015 onward for developing user-friendly and engaging apps.

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