Apple Presents Analytics Tool to Developers

Jigar Panchal

Apple introduced a new app analytics tool for all registered iOS developers on Wednesday. Initially, Apple has made this tool available to the developers who requested for it. But, from now on, everyone can get the tool through the iTunes Connect interface. The monetary benefit is that the registered developers need not pay additional charge for it as its cost is included in Apple Developer membership fee.

Importance of analytics

Analytics enables developers to modify apps in a way that they get more appreciation in terms of increase in number of downloads. In addition, analytics can show the direction for effective marketing of apps. Developers can get a 360-degree solution to make their apps popular through analytics. In the edge of stiff competition as the app stores on the market have hundreds of thousands of apps, analytics plays a crucial role in making an app more popular.

Burstly’s role in making of tool

Initially, Apple believed in total control over customer behavior data from the App Store while denying sharing with any third-party analytics firms and developers could not get any idea regarding the performance of their apps.

In last February, Apple acquired Burstly, an app analytics company, for making an app analytics tool. The company has made this tool for Apple, meeting the long-time demand of iOS developers.

Uses of Apple analytics tool

These days, analytics tool is proved to be as one of the handiest tools for both developers and companies who have mobile apps in app stores. Some of the noteworthy uses of Apple analytics tool are as follows:

Now, it is easy for the developers to learn things regarding customers’ behavior. They can readily know about customers’ way of finding and downloading apps. They can get and access data regarding apps on customers’ devices. For example, how much time they use it or for how much time they keep an app on their devices, etc. In addition, developers can learn the number of views on their App Store page and the source of web traffic.

In brief, developers get all necessary data regarding customers’ behavior through such tool.


Google has a robust analytics tool for both websites and apps. As iOS apps’ number is surging, it was necessary for Apple to come up with its own analytics tool. It was in-demand from a long time and finally, Apple responds to this demand by presenting analytics tool. It will give better strength to iOS developers to remain ahead in the competition.

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