Apple Wants You to Make Apps that can run without even opening them

Jigar Panchal

Almost ten days have passed since Apple’s WWDC 2015 event. It is the time for interpretation and implementation of Apple’s statements and given facilities respectively. With this mega event, Apple has thrown a ball in developers’ court, now developers have to play it. But, here, they have to play it in a way, which is followed by Apple for a long time. Yes, innovation is a new way for developers while making ‘out of the box’ apps for all iOS devices by using extra access and power given by Apple.

Apple’s major pronouncements

Presenting a combination of Siri with Proactive, multitasking features, the introduction of HomeKit and WatchKit, etc. are some of the most noteworthy announcements of a recent WWDC 2015 event. Such statements show Apple’s desire of having next-gen apps for both iOS and Watch OS platforms. Giving developers an additional access to features and data of the latest iOS platform along with app extensions is an indicator of Apple’s expectations regarding ‘out of the box’ applications.

What Apple wants from developers

To get answer to this question, let us get idea about some of the innovative features that Apple has announced in the recent annual event:

Complications- Apple Watch

Apple is going to launch customizable widgets on a face of its Watch, which it called “complications”. In this, Apple will allow users to watch data from third-party apps for making Watch the “most personal device”. Thanks to complications, users will get interesting and important information without opening any apps. Also, customizable widgets will make a watch face more attractive and interactive.

Along with this, Apple is going to make Watch glances more powerful and interactive. By introducing new Watch OS 2, Apple has given more access to Watch’s sensors, Digital Crown, etc. for developing native watch apps with better glances.

Interactive notifications-iOS and Mac

Apple has already started encouraging apps that can be used primarily by push notifications for both iOS and Mac OS. It means that Apple allows developers to add user-centric interactions along with apps.

Swift is now open source

Open sourcing of Swift language is tech giant’s another move to facilitate apps’ development for iOS platform with more exposure to tools, libraries, and other resources.

All such announcements clearly indicate that Apple now wants third-party apps that can be used without opening them on any of their OS. Apple’s intention is that users can make use of apps by the means of widgets or notifications and enjoy features without literally ‘using’ them! In a broader sense, Apple wants developers to develop an app that can become an integral part of iOS and Watch OS platforms instead of merely remaining on the screens of devices.

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