Benefits To Invest In Mobile Technology

Jigar Panchal

Internet connections is not with you at everywhere. But a mobile connection is always with you.

  1. Always Be With You
  2. A contraption that is incredibly tiny and similar in weight. So, you can use mobile while cooking, playing, and working. Mobile is useful for different purpose like for making a call, listening song, watching a movie, surfing, video chatting, playing games and text messaging by using various apps. Every day the numbers of mobile purchased are higher than the numbers of the newly born baby.

  3. Human Psychology and Mobile
  4. The scientist explains that people are emotionally attached to their mobile then other alternatives. Businesses can exploit this emotional attachment. And also, a person has an emotional connection with its products or services. Smartphone users are hooked up to mobile than others as a result of continued to involve with their friends, members of the family and varied applications. As per an analysis, 58% people are so addicted with their smartphone that they can’t give it to anyone for one day as well.

  5. E- Commerce Purpose
  6. Several eCommerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Quikr, Uber, etc. launched their own mobile apps. Subsequently, more and more folks accessing the net through the mobile phone. Thus, people save time and money. Below figure shows that for the eCommerce purpose people prefer mobile more than computers.

    Mobile vs web users

  7. Business Purpose
  8. Through the mobile, we can create a virtual office by that we can easily reply to our customers even though we are not on the desk or in a direct contact. There are so many apps to add a digital signature, to fill in forms, and send them to the other party without needing to print them out and fax them back. Also capture catalogs and images of the product through its camera and publish it in different media. Moreover, you can explain your small project, presentation and dealing with your few customers through iPad.

  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Mobile marketing is one of the rapid growing concepts among all. With a proper marketing strategy of enterprise app, business owners can directly reach the vast mass of customer. Mobile content can be easily shared among users. Also, users invariably share good information and offers with their friends and family using Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so companies get a lot more disclosure with no extra effort. The cost of mobile marketing is also less, very convenient to use and always on with users. By using various mobile payment apps no need to carry the money and quick pay at anywhere.

  11. Banking
  12. The fastest spreading concept is mobile banking. With mobile banking users can perform several financial functions, conveniently and securely from their mobile. Mobile is also used as a safety purpose, check an account balance, review the recent transaction, manage investments, transfer funds, pay bills etc. Mobile banking is regarded as more secure.

  13. To Find A Location
  14. Mobile is very useful to find any location and detail. There are many apps available for mobile by that user can find the location quickly. Thousands of traveling apps available for users so that they can travel by the flight, car, bus and bike, 24/7 hours.

  15. Refreshment Purpose
  16. Use your smartphone for refreshment purpose by using its various apps. Your mobile app store includes various applications for chatting, game, song, movie and so many fun activities by that we can time pass and refresh our self in this cut thought competition era where all are hurry and worry to earn the money.

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