Big Data Handling – The Monster That’ll Bother All

Jigar Panchal

Big Data seems to be the “buzz word” these days and businesses depend on big data and business intelligence to design and plan various strategies for their organizations. Research analysts call Big Data, social media, cloud and mobility to be the four transformative megatrends. These trends are expected to shape global trends on technology adoption.

Huge data handling

What exactly is Big Data? Big data is essentially the vast amounts of data that is generated at a tremendous speed due to the growing digitization of society. It includes data sets that are massive and is beyond the ability of conventional software tools to process, manage, curate or capture within a short time period.

But with big data slowly replacing business intelligence, and enterprises adopting it for the upper hand in the competitive markets, it is foolish not to see how this data complements enterprise mobility.

Ideally enterprise mobility is all about providing you with all the necessary information about anything, when you want it. It’s about keeping you connected to your system, putting together information critical to your decision making capabilities, and business intelligence from the different back-end systems such as ERP, SAP, etc. These details are derived and processed through real-time big data analysis and made available to employees across mobile applications that have been built to provide the same.

These enterprise apps enable users to get real-time business analytics to make the best data-driven decisions, even if they are miles away from their work stations. Mobility solutions empower enterprises, NGOs and even Government Undertakings with applications that enable employees to get all the necessary information (after processing volumes of data – big data) on their devices, no matter where they are.

Cashing in on the transformative megatrends requires businesses to develop and build mobile applications, to connect with their clients and employees, streamline workflow, leverage cloud facilities and tap the huge potential that social networking offers. Mobile apps don’t always have to be an expensive affair. You can easily leverage the features of enterprise mobility solutions by building your own mobile application to steer your business forward.  App building platforms like Configure.IT help individuals create and build innovative apps that meet even the most complex business requirements.

The platform begins by building a database using a smart interface. The interface lets you key-in the various details as fieldname, etc. and choose the necessary configurations to build a highly efficient database. Once the database is created it prompts you to go on and configure the automatically generated data management console. Configure the API by designing a flow chart using the smart API interface. The platform also enables you to write your own functions.

Designing the actual app itself is made really easy, through the fully configurable app settings and a vast library of features. The platform also enables users to run live tests using the Previewer where changes made are instantly reflected on the device.

Leverage enterprise mobility solutions to make the most of big data and drive your business forward. Build mobile applications to cleverly manage your data – get those numbers by making informed data-driven decisions. Tame big data and there‘ll be no end to the benefits it has to offer your business.


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