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9 Most popular and useful APIs for Mobile Application Development

API stands for “Application Program Interface.” It is used as an intermediary between two software/applications to exchange data or communicate with each other. Recently API-approach is in-trend in mobile application development. Here is the list of some of the useful

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App Monetization

App Monetization – Understand the revenue model and drive your business

The biggest challenge facing the App owners are getting back the revenue after getting a good response to your App launched. Unfortunately, many developers often find themselves lost when it comes to effectively optimizing their apps for mobile advertising. According

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Five Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Swift for App Development

The corporate world witnesses a paradigm shift from laptops to mobile devices in accessing the Internet. In such a scenario, the enterprise-grade mobile app development becomes a compelling necessity for the companies to execute business tasks in more efficient manner

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Offline Mobile Application Development- Convert Challenges into Opportunity

In the wake of faster Internet access available on mobile devices, the discussion about offline apps may sound ridiculous for some of you. But, the belief that we are living in a constantly connected world with a permanent mobile network

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All You Need to Know about Low-code App Development Platform

The year 2016 can be viewed as a year of consolidation for the low-code app development process, as it strengthens the presence among the companies across various sectors. Now the process gets a boost as SMBs start embracing this technology

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Newbie’s Dilemma- Android or iOS for Custom Mobile App Development

So you are all set to take a first move in the mobile app development domain. But, here lies a question: Which platform is better for you to build the first customized mobile application? The ongoing debate about usefulness and

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Traditional vs. Tech-driven Mobile App Development

Resources and timeline play a crucial role in staying ahead of the curve in today’s highly competitive business scenario. Be it a project execution or an enterprise mobile app development; companies need to think about spending time, money, and resources

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Ways to Reduce App Development Costs

How to reduce App Development Cost for Your Next Project

In this technology-driven era, customized mobile apps play a key role as they make the life much simpler through handling daily activities properly with a single click. But, as we know, developing mobile apps is not a child’s play. There

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How To Produce Development-Ready Designs For Your Apps

As skilled as you may be in putting your ideas or thoughts across, it is undeniable that you will not always get people to imagine exactly what action you’d like them carry out. This means there is no verbally fruitful

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How to Integrate Push and Local Notification

Before integrating push and local notifications the first question is what is the difference between the two? Local notifications are the ones that a user sets up in-app for e.g. they set up a reminder. These notifications are stored in

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