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Unique Features of Configure.IT

Features that make Configure.IT better than other online app development platforms

Nowadays, we are witnessing the advancement of mobile app technology. New features and functionality are introduced in various online mobile app development platforms that offer an enhanced user experience. Out of such browser-based app development tools, Configure.IT stands out in

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Festival Days are like Black Friday

Festival Days Are Like Black Friday For App Developers

Festival time means lots of brand new device’s launching time. Millions of people woke up and unwrapped a shiny new device under the Christmas tree. Generally, all new devices not preloaded with consumer’s favourite apps such as, WhatsApp, Uber, Facebook,

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App Analytics

Mobile App Analytics-It’s Taking Your Apps to the Next Level

A mobile business app with all the desired features is a handy tool for promoting products and services. Said that, it is also a reliable and efficient business assistant for the companies, and thus, dear to both employees and customers.

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Enterprise iOS App Benefits

Business Benefits of iOS Enterprise Apps

Let’s start with the survey those stats: At present, out of 4 billion mobile phone users in the world, 1 billion users have smartphones. As the time advances, number of smartphone users increase by leaps and bounds. Surely businesspersons smell

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