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ConfigureIT For Enterprise Apps

Configure.IT- A Boon for Enterprises

The mobile app development market becomes mature rapidly these days. Mobile apps are giving more flexibility and power to enterprises than ever before, because it’s less expensive, more accessible and easier to use in many ways. In the past, only

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Enterprise Mobility Challanges

Challenges in Enterprise Mobility And Their Solutions

Enterprise mobility is not a new term for the enterprises across the world. As it provides the solutions to business requirements and makes enterprises ready to face the challenges, it is also fact that enterprise mobility also has some challenges

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Core Concept of Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Apps- Core Concept of Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is a necessity of today’s corporate world, as smartphones and tablets increase their penetration among people like never before. Whether it is BYOD concept or customer-centric approach, companies need mobile apps. We cannot imagine enterprise mobility without mobile

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Many Devices Many Platforms

Many-device-to-many-platform Mobile App Integration is No Longer a Challenge

Nowadays, we cannot separate cloud computing and mobile apps, but mobile apps’ integration into the cloud comes as a big challenge in the way of app developers. They require a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) that provides the ultimate solution

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