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How to Integrate Push and Local Notification

Before integrating push and local notifications the first question is what is the difference between the two? Local notifications are the ones that a user sets up in-app for e.g. they set up a reminder. These notifications are stored in

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Why Small Businesses Need An App

On any given day people spend more time looking at their mobile screens than a TV or on any other activity. Which means a person is more likely to see a downloaded app than a TV advertisement or billboard. And

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Mobile App Technology

Contribution of Mobile Technology To Revolutionize Small Business

Nowadays mobile becomes the hyper operative tool and focal point in IT industry. Because of the advancement in technology people are more inclined towards smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices. High speed data access and intuitive interfaces have made

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Benefits of Mobile Technology

Benefits To Invest In Mobile Technology

Internet connections is not with you at everywhere. But a mobile connection is always with you. Always Be With You A contraption that is incredibly tiny and similar in weight. So, you can use mobile while cooking, playing, and working.

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