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7 most useful tips for saving time of development

We always look for guidelines to save time—software developers are not an exception too! With quickly approaching deadlines and lots of work to do, every minute counts! Consider these tips to save time during the entire development process:   Put

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6 Ways to reduce cost for your next App Development Project

In the growing era of technology, Mobile apps play a key role as it makes the life much simpler and brings everything to your hand. Which makes everything possible with just a click. But as we know developing Mobile Apps

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How To Produce Development-Ready Designs For Your Apps

As skilled as you may be in putting your ideas or thoughts across, it is undeniable that you will not always get people to imagine exactly what action you’d like them carry out. This means there is no verbally fruitful

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How to Integrate Push and Local Notification

Before integrating push and local notifications the first question is what is the difference between the two? Local notifications are the ones that a user sets up in-app for e.g. they set up a reminder. These notifications are stored in

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Why Students Should Make Apps

It’s a big world out there and for a student it’s a world of opportunities. Everything you do, will either add to your portfolio or be a learning experience. This is especially in the case of students who have an

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Mobile Configuration

Mobile Configuration refers to the screen design with available controls and the applied logic to make the screen dynamic. It involves connecting the screen with business logic. This article will give you an idea of how to design the front

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No Coding App Development Platform

Reasons for Choosing A No-Coding Mobile App Development Platform

Have App ideas but don’t know from where to start or how to start? The first question, every non-technical entrepreneur or a startup have in mind. We all are not technical geeks who can develop any kind of apps or

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Configure. IT First Year Celebration

Configure.IT is Celebrating Its First Anniversary with Success

26th September 2015, a big day for all the people who are associated with Configure.IT. On this day, one of the most successful cross-platform app development tools is completing 1 year. Configure.IT is the best example for the app developer

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