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Jigar Panchal

When the need for any application or software arises, it’s challenging to select between building it or buying a readymade solution. Building the solutions seems more expensive, needs more investment and may have to appoint a team of experts. On the other hand, starting with the off-the-shelf software is fast and cheap.

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For the start-up, it is advised to opt for readymade software available in the market as they are tested and being used by many clients at a time. Before taking such decision, write down the list of features you will require now and in next 2 years at least, compare them with functionalities provided by Software and check if it serves your purpose.

From the years of experience in the field, we always suggest our clients go with the customized solution as canned solution lacks customization. So, with the growing needs of the business, you feel the need for proprietary software which is tailored to your specific requirements and curtails the cost of almost all manual processes.

Before investing in large-scale copyrighted software, you should have all the reasons on the table to take the decision in favor of new software. The causes might be no integration among multiple software used for the various purpose, your business comes in the underserved industry from a technology perspective, need to stand out of competitors.

How can custom software help grow your company?

For the dynamic and evolving organization, using the static software can create hurdle or lead to increase in manual work. This software is made to cater most of the requirements of most of the business of all industries. If the growth rate is high or your business has a specialized need, opting for a canned solution is not a wise decision.

Custom software can help to make your business more scalable and many more benefits as stated under:

  • Increased productivity

The tailored software is designed especially keeping your requirements in mind so it includes all the tasks needed to do digitally and reduces manual work, which results in enabling your team to work faster and smarter. A single software will serve all your purpose so saved time can be used to increase productivity.

  • Competitive advantage

Canned software might be used by your competitors which makes difficult to outperform them. By designing your own technical solution – ideally suited for your specific business operations, you can reap a competitive advantage relative to your competitors. That advantage leads to more business, more clients, and ultimately more revenue generation.

  • Faster reaction time

Once you established relations with your technical team, you have those technical experts to upkeep you to the changing requirements. New requirements or feedbacks from clients can be accommodated and that shows your adaptability, which in turn, gives you more loyal customers and more reputation.

Though you need to invest aggressively at the initial level, developing personalized software is worthwhile. Maintenance, Support, and Integration of new features are the additional benefits of tailor-made solutions.

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