Business Benefits of iOS Enterprise Apps

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Let’s start with the survey those stats: At present, out of 4 billion mobile phone users in the world, 1 billion users have smartphones. As the time advances, number of smartphone users increase by leaps and bounds.

Enterprise iOS App Benefits

Surely businesspersons smell out an opportunity there, which comes in the form of mobile apps and mobile websites. Furthermore, increasing number of smartphone users also give rise to m-commerce.

Out of numerous ways, mobile apps come up as the most convenient and economical method for leveraging the benefits of smartphone penetration all around the world.

As people are on the move, they want information at the same way through their fingertips. There, mobile apps play a major role and for numerous reasons enterprises opt for their business apps. Some of the reasons are following:

Business Benefits of Enterprise Apps

A promotional tool: You can promote products and services to hundreds and thousands of people through your business app. As people spend more time in using an app than using a mobile web, enterprises can directly take benefit of it. Furthermore, your company’s logo always stays on people’s smartphones that eventually builds a brand with the best revenue making app platform for your enterprise.

Significant increase in penetration: If any enterprise has quality app, then its customers spread the good word for it as mobile app users are more loyal than web users. Furthermore, social media link in an app increases people’s interest in particular product or service. In short, it builds both relationship and loyalty.

As a tool for showing products and services: Along with the service and products list, you can readily notify about new launches, discount offers or any other major events through an app.

Indirect advertisement: By seeing the app in the app store or using it, people turn to your website. So, a business app acts as an indirect way of advertisement for your company.

Source of information: A business app is a rich source of information for both customers and employees. You can supply initial data like inventory, company performance, etc. for real-time reference in business apps. Furthermore, it is a useful tool for enterprise mobility.

In brief, a business app provides a competitive edge to you as well as provides you an opportunity to adopt the revolutionary mobile technology for seamless growth of their businesses.

Which One Is More Popular Platform For Businesses?

Though android covers nearly 80% of the global market share, when it comes to businesses, they prefer an iOS platform. As per the survey, more than 90% of enterprises prefer iOS platform for deployment of their apps that clearly indicates its dominance in enterprises.

How Is It Beneficial to Have a Business App in iOS?

For CIOs and IT managers of any large and med enterprises, two big worries loom larger these days: security breaches and rapid pace of technology. Apple addresses both of them tactfully and comes forward with the most innovative operating system iOS 8. In this platform, we can see the contemporary features for enterprises and security.

Apple has notified that 2015 onward; it will accept apps belong to iOS 8 platform only in order to provide us the benefits of its innovative features.

An Excellent Combination

Apple has introduced a brilliant combination of two most innovative technologies – big data and analytic in its biggest ever operating system iOS 8. It is the most beneficial combination for enterprises. Furthermore, it is interesting to go through some business benefits of having an app on iPhone or iPad:

Business Benefits of Having an App on iOS

BYOD Advantage: It is highly compatible with BYOD policy.

Security: It enjoys the utmost level of security as iOS acts as a strong shield for virus threats and malwares.

Control Comparison: It offers users greater control than an android counterpart along with seamless operation and attractive UI.

IT Controls: It enables IT department of an enterprise to control over opening company documents and set up specific rules for an app regarding documents of iCloud Drive.

MDM Tools: It enables the IT department to set the device name and other restrictions regarding BYOD policy thanks to MDM (Master Data Management) tools of iOS.

Enhanced Experience: It enhances the customer experience and service that eventually accelerate the growth of business.

That’s not all. If your business app is on iOS platform, you get better penetration in the US and UK. Furthermore, iPhone and iPad business apps have the advantage of more affluent users as compared to android users.

How to Make a Tailor-Made Business App?

Few years back, any businessperson could not make a mobile app for their organization. As the technology progresses, now it is possible even for non-IT businesspersons. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is possible through an online mobile app development platform, Configure.IT.

More about Configure.IT

It facilitate tools for business app development without coding, which means that even a non-technical person can make an app without any difficulty in a short time. Furthermore, it provides preview facility through its innovative PreviewIT tool that enables preview of your business app before deployment.

In summing up, we can mention that making a tailor-made business app is not a herculean task and you can readily develop it without taking help of skilled developers.

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