CES 2015- Expectations Are High, and Exhibitors Are Ready

Jigar Panchal

With ample of expectations, hype and enthusiasm, CES 2015 Las Vegas event prepares to start with a bang! Being a huge and the strongest platform for startups as well as big companies, the CES 2015 mega event has lots of stuff to show.


The event is being held from January 6, 2015 to January 9, 2015 wherein numerous enthusiastic firms shall come up with their innovative products. In the absence of the tech giants like Google and Apple, the Korean tech giant is going to lead the show. Yes! Samsung President and CEO Boo-Keun Yoon will address 2015 CES keynotes, and on the other hand, people are expecting to hear something about Galaxy S6, its flagship brand.

IOT (Internet of Things) – theme of CES 2015

Numerous startups are to participate in the splendid event with their wearables from head-to-toe and demonstrate the transformation of IoT to IoE (yes, Internet of Everything).

Since years, CES has been providing a platform for startups and smaller tech companies to present their products. Though the festive season is over and all sales and new products are already launch, the charm of this event still brings in several companies to come and speak about their newer products.

Thus, every year, the event witnesses several new products’ launches; and the year of 2015 is not an exception.
Rumors are there that Samsung will come up with more developments in ‘Smart Home’ concept, and Samsung CEO is likely to share his insightful thoughts on IoT innovations with Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich.

CES 2015 Exhibitors’ List

Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, and Lamborghini are some of the big daddies of the show. And yes, surprisingly Microsoft also marks its presence with Surface NFL tablets at the opening press event. Furthermore, automakers’ presence in CES is not surprising. The top-notch automakers are here as CES 2015 Las Vegas Event has a ‘connected car technology’ theme with Android Auto and CarPlay (Do you feel the presence of Google and Apple?). Despite the DMS event is near, automakers are keen to display their inventive ideas related to wearable trend in the CES 2015 event.

Chinese smartphone makers Huawei, ASUS, ZTE, and Xiomi are also the part of the list. After gaining people’s attention on release of the Mi 4, everyone’s eyes are on Xiomi, the most promising newcomer that wants to enter the US market.

What to expect in CES 2015?

Among the avalanche of products, people are keen to see some innovative and mind-blowing gadgets and technology. From 4K TVs to smart homes, from wearables to cool smartphones, CES 2015 expectations and exhibitions set no limits.

Curved TVs, curved smartphones, car’s connection with a smart device, virtual reality, etc. are some of the concepts that are likely to steal the spotlight this year in CES. In addition, companies like Sony and Philips may come forward with Android TVs.

Startups to look out for

Do you keep on losing stuff all the time? Then, CES 2015 has lots of stuff to prevent you from losing it. Numerous companies are going to launch their kits that can help you keep an eye on your belongings and many more.
Virtual reality comes in the picture again with the camera that films video for VR headsets; Giroptic puts 360-degree camera, for instance.

3D printers with detailed and multicolored objects out of paper and ink expect to become a part of CES shelves.

And finally, don’t be surprised if you see the weirder stuff in the event described by the BBC:

  • A toothbrush can play a video game
  • A baby’s dummy can connect to the Internet
  • A ring can notify you about the number of unread emails
  • An attachment in shoes that enables a person to walk at speeds of 11.2 km/h, and many more…


CES 2015 event in Las Vegas is going to have the attention of many people worldwide. Whether or not you’re techno-savvy person, CES has everything to entice you.

Image Source: cesweb.org

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