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Jigar Panchal

Learning practical application of any subject is an integral part of the course. Theoretical knowledge can be gained sitting in a classroom but to attain practical experience, you must have tools and Configure.IT is providing a platform to gain that hands-on experience for aspiring developers as well as enthusiastic students who want to build their application.



We understand the requirements of students and that’s why we have kept our platform FREE for all the students around the globe. We, at Configure.IT believe that creativity of students should not be restricted, therefore, providing a platform with immense possibilities and a number of opportunities when coding is not at all required to transform your dreams into reality.

Along with bookish knowledge, if students can acquire applied knowledge of coding then it will be like an icing on the cake and certainly, it will attract better employment opportunities for them.

Configure.IT is promoting its platform exclusively for students with completely FREE access. A large number of students are benefitting from the platform and applying their knowledge gained through this platform to make applications on their own and generate side income while studying.

How Mobile Application Development is simplified for the students?:

  1.    Open-ended System: This platform is built to serve the developer community and reduce the dependence on coding, helping developers focus on the more important area of idea development than learning lines of codes. All the resources developed by our experts or other professionals from all around the world are accessible to students and they can learn the entire mobile application development process using the platform.
  2.   Integrated Platform: Configure.IT provides app development for iOS, Android phones as well as for tables, making it easier to develop everything from the prototype, backend, database, data panel and deployment into one platform only. Aspirants don’t need to switch from one platform to another and integrate those piece of the app into one. Reusability feature enables the user to make series of apps in less time so the first app may take time but subsequent applications can get benefits from existing apps.
  3.   Quick learning curve: Configure.IT is developed with the purpose of serving even the layman so students with minimal knowledge can start with the development. With least reading and without getting into the complexity of understanding technology or coding, one can build an app easily by following steps provided by us, using drag-and-drop and templates.
  4.   Online Live Support: We, at Configure.IT, are proud of our online support as millions of users are benefitting and communicating with our support executives as well as developers around the world. Our executives are well-versed with the whole platform and professional technical experts are available LIVE to guide you through the process. The personalized response is provided through live chat and if needed, the ticket can be generated to get access to the support system.
  5.   Rich Help Centre: Our help center is enriched with Reference Manuals where one can find entire configuration process with instructions for Mobile App Configurations as well as Back-end Configurations. Each native as well as custom controls are explained in detail properties, actions, FAQs, and Videos.  The online community provides a collaborative environment to post development associated topics and problems for open discussions.
  6.   Explore more career opportunities: With hands-on experience in application development, students can have upper hand over another unexperienced fresher. In today’s competitive world, experience matters a lot to gain higher career opportunities. In some cases, with the help of Configure.IT many students started earning before finishing University or even school.

Contacting Configure.IT with your student ID card will convert your normal account to student plan and the whole platform will be accessible without a penny.

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