Configure.IT – A complete mobile app development platform unveiled among tekkies

Jigar Panchal

Last week, a memorable event for techno-geeks happened which unveiled a product that was much sought after. While mobile technology is on the rage, building customized quality mobile applications without adding efforts and workforce to it is difficult even in the best of times. The breakthrough was here –Configure.IT, a powerful tool that has been developed to completely automatize the process of complex mobile application development cycle.

Configure.IT DemoFor the event, the guests were reputed CEOs, MDs and other leaders from more than thirty renowned companies whose main businesses are mobile and web technologies. The event kicked off with a gentle speech by the introducer expressing warmth toward the key persons behind Configure.IT. Mr. Ram Chhawchharia, the founder and Mr. Sandeep Mundra, the co-founder of Configure.IT explained the importance of automatization of mobile application development and addressed the trivial issues of the current day practice of software development cycle.

The technical presentation was led by Mr. Jigar Panchal, Mr. Nilay Mehta and Mr. Jigar Joshi –the key persons who got enough nerve to do something new that other products in this segment do not offer. The audience was more than happy learning rattling benefits of the platform Configure.IT. As the presentation moved on and more and more startling features were unveiled, it took everybody by storm. While most of the present members showed sincere interest in getting the product, others committed supporting it.

Configure.IT is an automated platform that allows mobile application development without much coding. It not only offers the development but also builds web services and manages database without having complex processes. A user can develop and build native mobile application by customizing it as per their business objectives. This makes the platform very useful to both enterprises to stop outsourcing and mobile app development companies to increase productivity without adding the workforce.

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