Configure.IT – A Parse Alternative for Mobile App Developers

Jigar Panchal

Facebook has announced Officially on January 28th, 2016 that they are shutting down the prominent Parse service, and it will be fully closed on January 28, 2017. This is certainly shocking news for the large community of mobile app developers, and now there is a compelling necessity for finding a competent Parse alternative. The blog talks more about it.

First, let us mention the three major reasons why developers love Parse:

  • The API was carefully designed and highly useful for linking mobile apps with the Cloud and integrating the development process with proper functionality.
  • Parse offered a great support to the developers during app development process.Parse was inexpensive and startups could get a generous discount while using it.
  • Parse was inexpensive and startups could get a generous discount while using it.

Now Parse developers have to switch on another Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), and start a hefty coding process. These days, all the Parse users discuss about its alternatives.

What Parse closing means for developers

For most of independent app developers, it will usually take weeks-to-months to choose another MbaaS to redesign, code, test, and update an app with the new SDK (Software Developer Kit). For larger and more complex apps like Quip, moving to the other MBaaS could take even longer, and the developers may select their own open-source alternatives to avoid a future disruption of a proprietary MBaaS shut down.

Where to go from Parse

Every developer knows very well that database is the heart of the app. As we know, Parse users have no need to fire even a single SQL query to establish the whole database system. But now, the need for numerous SQL queries will come in the way of developers. There comes a solution based on a technological advancement.

Let us find out how an innovative platform Configure.IT can help developers:

  • With Configure.IT, developers can store their unlimited amount of data and manage them without any difficulties, because it offers a powerful content management system (CMS) for data hosting.

  • For API configuration, Configure.IT users have required to apply a logic using flow diagrams only, and in just a few minutes, the API will be ready without writing a single line of code.

  • Now, when developers are migrating from Parse server to any other server, it must be in a simpler way. There is no necessary to make or keep it complex. Parse was creating the applications database in Mongo DB & NodeJs, which is really a complex one. While Configure.It keeps this thing simple by converting the apps in LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP). This is the most accepted approach across the hosting & development industry. These kind of things will be helpful in future as well, no need to stay dependent on any single platform or entity.

  • Configure.IT platform users can download the whole source code with back-end any time. Providing 100% IP ownership to the user.

  • In addition, Configure.IT platform offers plenty of rich features such as SQL Query, Loop, Condition and many more to make API design extremely simple without writing any code. It also gives JSON output to make an app attractive and feature-rich.

In brief, app developers need not to worry about the Parse shut down as they can readily switch to a competent, cross-platform app development tool, Configure.IT. We promise, you won’t have to migrate this way again!

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