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Jigar Panchal

Configure.IT is a platform designed to empower developers – Novice or experience – with wide-ranging tools and features. If the developer is experienced in native app development then this platform proves to be the most useful one and caters all his requirements related to database, API, design, deployment, testing, debugging or Previewing.

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Six main tools of the platform are though integrated artistically to work with one another, can also work independently:

  1. App Console: Ideal for making either a prototype or full-fledged mobile application, quick to develop with a drag-and-drop feature.
  2. Database: Powerful database creation with relational MySQL for custom-made applications.
  3. APIBuilder: Visual Flow-chart based API building to accommodate business logic to connect data from various sources
  4. Data Panel: Backend development with CMS for either Mobile or Web Application
  5. PreviewIT: A Real-time preview of the application as you go on and run-time changes with instant reflection
  6. DeployIT: No compulsion, host your application on your own server

Benefits to Developers:

  • Focus on Development, not code: Its drag-and-drop tool so developer just needs to concentrate on the development of the app, coding will be done automatically. This will enable users to focus on business logic and development of the idea into reality without bothering coding language.
  • Full-fledged Backend: Backend is equipped with all the tools including flow-chart based API management which enables the user to develop backend in no time. This can help to strengthen the mobile application or can also be used as a standalone for web development.
  • Powerful API Visualization: Proprietary Flow-chart based API generation tool which enables users to visually check the flow of the business logic. This helps in making debugging easier and testing as you move on with many breakpoints.
  • 100% Native Code: All the coding created on Configure.IT platform is powered by 100% native code with Swift for iOS and Java for Android. It does not include any c#, .NET or HTML code.
  • Download Full Source Code: User can download 100% extensible source code for front and backend enabling him to extend, distribute, owning on personal IP or sale. Source code also includes fully commented documentation which is searchable and easy to understand by any layman.
  • Quick to learn: Learning curve has made easy especially keeping novice user in mind. Anyone can learn it and implement it. Detailed documentation and in-built examples help the user to get into the learning process. Videos for each feature helps the user to get practical experience and help through community and live chat is always available to quicken the learning of the program.
  • Real-time preview: While development of the app, real-time preview of the app is available on the PreviewIT app. Anytime user can check the preview and make run-time changes.  No back-n-forth, just immediate preview on your device. Sharing the application with clients and getting feedback is also possible with PreviewIT.
  • Extensive Reusability: Configure.IT has kept re-usability concept in mind while developing so the user can reuse screen, APIs, tools or even entire project. Reusing the objects in the same project or any other project will save a lot of time.

Rich library of ready to use components: Configure.IT has identified mostly used components and made available so users can leverage the benefits of the rich library. Most common custom controls are already part of Configure.IT as well as many famous APIs are part of the platform.

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