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Jigar Panchal

Configure.IT is a unique Mobile Application Development platform which provides an extensive list of features, beyond your expectation, which is easy to use and don’t require technical knowledge. The beauty of the platform is, there is not coding, only drag-and-drop. So being a mature human being, play with our platform and make a revenue-generating app.

No Coding App Development Platform

Configure.IT has adopted Rapid App Development approach making it possible to develop mobile apps quickly and easily. Within no time, with little knowledge, you can replace an experienced developer and make your own application.


Though this platform is a collection of lots of features which one can use readily and effortlessly, below are few highlighted features:

      Drag & Drop

The platform is aimed to be used by a layman so it does not require any technical knowledge and so no coding at all. For building app console, developing backend or for integrating APIs, what user need to do is – Drag & Drop. Quick and Simple!

      Concurrent Development

Why settle for less when you can have both iOS and Android both applications developed simultaneously. No extra efforts are needed, just choose the platform for which you want to develop the app at the initial stage and rest will be taken care of automatically. Many app aspirants consider this feature as the most attractive one on successful submission of both the app, the user has chances to generate revenue from both the sources.

      100% Native Apps

Using our platform – Configure.IT – user can develop 100% Native apps. As you know pure native apps provide incomparable performance and user experience, we encourage the same by using 100% Swift and Java Code instead of HTML 5, Wrappers, Javascript or c#.

      Source Code / IPR remains with User

We understand the value of intelligent property rights and the efforts, as well as money user, puts in the development of a mobile app, therefore, we provide 100% source code of app and backend to the user. This enables the user to do further customization on his own or sell the app, whatever you want to do, the choice is yours!

      Bespoke Deployment

We encourage Zero Lock-in by providing freedom of deploying the app on any platform user wishes. We have our own deployment space which user can use by paying a nominal rent, however, he does not need to stick to it.

      Distribute in your space

The user has full control over the distribution of the app as there are a variety of app distribution methods available in the market and user can use the one which is more affordable and effective as per his choice.

      Infrastructure Free solution

As the whole application will be designed & developed on our platform, the user does not need to incur any cost for Hardware, Software or Maintenance staff, which will result in an intensely reduced cost of the app development. You do not even need a device to test the app as we have the PreviewIT app, which can be download on your mobile, to preview the app during the development process.

      Customized Solutions

Unlike others, we strive to provide you with customized solutions. We have plenty of templates to choose from, if you wish to utilize them, however, we highly recommend to build your own unique application by turning your idea and imagination into reality. This will provide it exclusive look and will help to stand out from the rest in the App Store.

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