Configure.IT has Announced Flat 50% Discount on the Special Occasion of its First Birthday

Jigar Panchal

Configure.IT has celebrated its first anniversary and would like to involve all the users and new friends to this celebration. The one year journey of Configure.IT is really tremendous and successful. So on this special time, Configure.IT offers flat 50% off on subscription fees for the entire next year. All you need to do is sign up before 15th October, 2015 with the coupon code “1STBDAY” to avail this exciting offer.

The detailed information related Discount Offers discussed below:

Personal Plan

However, we recommend Personal plan in which users need to pay just $169/month if they subscribe annually, and for the monthly subscription need to pay $199/month. With this pack users can get the following features:

  • Single-User license for more convenience and online safety
  • Three projects with unlimited screens
  • 100 DB tables along with thousand APIs for customization of any project
  • All advanced features that users get in our higher-rate package
  • Priority support is available for real-time assistance

Free Trial Pack

New users can try all the aspects of Configure.IT Platform with its free trial pack. With this pack users can get the following features:

  • One project with 5 Screens for Android as well as iOS platforms
  • 5DB tablets along with 10 APIs for customization
  • Tight backend configuration

Team Package

To speed up the project, Configure.IT provides The Team Package. With this package three users can collaborate on the same project. It is available with very affordable prices, for the annual subscription need to pay $424/month, while to subscribe monthly need to pay $499/month. This package gives the following features:

  • Three users are able to work with the same project
  • Offers 10 projects with unlimited screen support
  • 500 DB tables with 5000 APIs, to customize any project
  • All advanced features are available to make the eye-catchy app
  • Priority support is available for real-time assistance

Don’t miss the Golden Offers announced by Configure.IT, Subscribe as soon as possible and get the special discount.

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