Configure.IT is ready to Shake Hand with Future of iOS – SWIFT

Jigar Panchal

SWIFT has captured a large number of iOS App market within just 22 months of its first release. This open source of Apple has gained popularity among iOS developers very rapidly because it has overcome the main flaws of Objective C and made developers free from Null Pointers, Header Files by using Use of ARC for Auto Memory Management, Dynamic Libraries, inline Error Handling and many more.

Swift will not only outweigh Objective-C when it comes to developing Apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and devices to come, but it will also surpass C for embedded programming on Apple platforms. That’s why future of iOS is Swift for creating entrancing, sociable, consumer-facing applications for years to come. It’s high time to shift to the more approachable, full-featured Swift from Objective C for iOS App.

Do you know you are programming in SWIFT for your iOS App on Configure.IT?

It’s a huge surprise for all the respected users of Configure.IT that from 2nd May, 2016 they would be able to download the source code of their App in SWIFT instead of Objective C. All the current Apps will be converted to SWIFT so user need not to touch anything to replace the language.

The reason for shifting from Objective C to SWIFT can be obvious for advanced developers but Configure.IT would like to help our all the users to adopt SWIFT.

Benefits / Reasons for moving to SWIFT

  • Reduced, leaner, cleaner code reducing learning curve
  • Fixing troublesome performance of Objective-C by excluding pointers, compile-time errors for zero valued assignments, no need of ‘break’ in switch blocks, controlling overflow of variables etc.
  • Easy, automatic debugging
  • Real-time output
  • Automatic management of memory using ARC
  • Dynamic Libraries and no use of Header file
  • More Generic
  • Strong response and community build-up
  • Ideal for Embedded programming for all iOS enabled devices
  • Can use emojis in code 🙂 (Though you don’t need to write any code in Configure.IT)

Configure.IT has stand out with its heaps of improvisations offered at regular interval by providing all latest updates to make more user-friendly experience. SWIFT Code download is one of the important Announcement which will certainly benefit the iOS App developers.

Visit Help Center for more details about upcoming DOWNLOAD CODE in SWIFT Feature.

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