Custom Mobile Apps for Enterprises- Trend to Stay

Jigar Panchal

As smartphones have significantly replaced PCs and laptops, enterprises around the world, focus on mobile apps with desired features. Trend of custom mobile apps is gaining momentum, and though we witness an upsurge in their number, analysts believe that the trend will continue in the future.

Custom Mobile App Enterprise

Bulky desktop computers become obsolete these days and laptops are also in the sidetrack position. Smartphones and tablets have smartly replaced both of them. Mobile devices are perhaps the only choice of the world when it comes to connectivity. Smartphone users are increasing by leaps and bounds, and so does the advancement of mobile technology.

Even SMBs understand this fact and are eager to go with the flow. Numerous enterprises have leveraged the benefits of enterprise mobile app’s trend, and many want to. Following facts reveal that the trend is going to stay in spite of clear upsurge in the number of custom enterprise apps:

  • The market for mobile apps is expected to grow at CAGR of 31.7% till 2017
  • The number of smartphones and tablets users will surpass 2 billion mark by 2017
  • More than 41% of companies go for hybrid apps that can run on multiple platforms
  • Business apps rose whopping 731% in 2014 as compared to 2013.

Now, the question arises: why does the trend of custom mobile apps for enterprises prevail? Following are the reasons for that:

  • Virtual office: Business apps with all necessary features can act as a virtual office for entrepreneurs as they can readily access customer feedback from their mobile devices. They can monitor business processes and communicate with employees for taking real-time actions.
  • Virtual space: Such apps provide a virtual space comprise of project management software, client relationship management software, document sharing, time tracking, and the like. Businesspersons can interact with customers on the move because of such software tools.
  • Marketing: Custom business apps are useful for marketing. Entrepreneurs can send notifications regarding new launches, promotional offers, and so on. In addition, such apps have social media links enabling them promote their products or services.
  • Generate revenue: Although it sounds strange, but such apps can generate revenue for companies. Many companies have developed apps for targeting a specific audience, and corporate funders have sponsored those apps for gaining advertising opportunities to the relevant group of people.
  • Advantage of the latest technology: Companies can add features like Geo-targeting, push notifications, automatic fill-in for in-app forms, etc. for ensuring timely delivery of products to customers. As the technology advances, companies can readily modify their apps by adding relevant, innovative features in them.
  • Interactive and smart alternate: Finally, such apps act as an alternative to bulky websites. Tech-savvy users find them more interesting as compared to websites. As the number of smartphones and tablets owners rises rapidly, custom business apps provide a competitive edge to enterprises.

In brief, companies can transform their business processes from B2B to B2C model through tailor-made mobile apps. For achieving new levels of success, the right time to get your app is now.

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