Destroy Your Worst Nightmares regarding App Development on this Halloween

Jigar Panchal

Of course tomorrow is Halloween, but it is not the only period that scares app developers. Today, app developers or creators always stay in scary situation a lot because of growing competition, they need to give their best every time when they come up with the new apps. These things make their lives stressful. Let us first make the list of some of the worst nightmares of app creators and then see how the right approach and a little technical assistance can destroy them.

  1. The App is Rejected
  2. After completing the hard work, now it is a time to publish an app and share it for the world to see. But, the most dreaded step looms in a distance while submitting the app in a particular app store.

    The most common reason for rejection is Metadata. This is because of a lack of proper description, a name misspelled, a screenshot issue…. So before hitting ‘submit for review’ button, check all the information twice.

    Secondly, because of the poor app design. If, developer is not following the proper standards of a particular platform then it turns into poor app design and app get rejected. Thus, before publishing an app make sure app must be with a user friendly interface, intuitive, and in accordance with the app store’s standards. But, Configure.IT users have no need to worry about the design concept, because it offers an eye-catchy design template to build a beautiful app.

    Thirdly, due to bugs. Before uploading an app in a particular app store, the app should be rid of all bugs and missing links. Therefore, testing is the most crucial step. But the app which is created by using the Configure.IT tools is a bug free app only, because Configure.IT generates a standard code to build an app that’s why users have no need to write a single line of code to build an app.

    And the last point to keep in mind is content. Sometime app gets rejected because of the copied, offensive or inappropriate content. This is also the most common reason behind the app rejection. For instance, it is strictly prohibited to use other’s trademarks or logos, and developer should have legal rights to all of the content in their app.

  3. The App gets no downloads
  4. Once, the app is available in the app stores, it’s about a time to eagerly waiting for users. But, rather than wait anxiety ridden for downloads to magically appear, here are a few tricks that are likely to help.

    As we know that SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process of effecting the visibility of the webpage, same as ASO (App store optimization) is a process of improving the visibility of an app in a particular app store. If, app is published with proper icon, title, description and screenshots, yet add more information by category-wise and using proper keywords to make the app more visible in an app store.

    Additionally, a demo video can also be a great asset. App Store and Google play store, both allows to submit one video. If, developer has a budget or skills to make an amazing video of the app, then make one! Because it will speak louder than words.

    At last, make a proper landing page that will help to make an app more noticeable.

  5. The App is abandoned by users
  6. After getting a number of users, it is not time to take rest. Now the next probability is the app gets deleted by users, if they dislike. Thus, below points will help to sustain the app position in the user’s mobile and mind forever.

    • Avoid complex registration process
    • Build a user friendly and intuitive app
    • The App is worth the money, if it isn’t free
    • Do not send over push notifications
    • Keep an eye on challengers to make sure that the app is still at the top of the race
    • If, the app can get the position in users mobile successfully, the story does not end here

  7. The App gets bad reviews
  8. The last and most waiting stage is to get the reward, after the app is published successfully in the app store and getting the more users. As we know that audience is the best judge of anything. There are chances to get the negative comments too. Do not be disappointed due to the negative comments, but just look back, analyze the situation and improve the app strategy. But, they are also easily forgotten when piled under more up to date positive comments.

In a nutshell, it is necessary for the app developers to clear the above ideas in their mind during and after the app development process, to make an app that stays in users’ mobile forever.

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