Enterprise Social Apps- Because Collaboration Starts With Communication

Jigar Panchal

Enterprises feel more heat of competition, ever-changing demands, and many more challenges as the time goes; there come enterprise social apps. The blog discusses an importance of social media apps in businesses.

Social Apps in Enterprise

Enterprise social apps can address some of the key business problems and give a new people-centric dimension to a business. As companies face challenges in terms of competition, ever-changing business requirements, etc., such social mobile apps can help them fill the communication gap with their customers.

Along with this, they prove to be a helping hand to facilitate on-the-move communication not only with other stakeholders, but also with their own employees.

Enterprise social apps work on the concept of knowledge or information sharing, and they have numerous extraordinary features that are beneficial to the business. Some of them are as follows:

  • Allow Search: Such apps allow users and employees to search for other users, employees or content.
  • Provide Links: They provide links to find similar users or content.
  • Facilitate Publication: They include blogs and articles for more information.
  • Allow Tagging: For better classification, they allow tagging of content.
  • Provide Extensions: They provide extensions to access necessary information or data.
  • Allow Interaction with Freedom: They focus on transparency in access, diversity in information and openness.
  • Social Profile: They facilitate search of social profiles of employees, users or both for better communication.
  • Respond Quickly: Having social mobile apps, the companies can reach to their customers and respond their concern quickly. A ‘quick response’ is one of the judgemental points to prove the best customer services.

All these and many more features ensure better communication or say, interaction with customers and employees. Altogether, such apps have an effect on smooth operations and policy making.

Business Benefits

They possess numerous benefits that companies can leverage. Some of them are:

  • It proves to be a quick-sharing tool among the users. In fact, the users can spread a good word about the product/service to others who may not have heard about the firms.
  • Customized RSS feeds inform about upcoming events, new launches and other important news on the move. Furthermore, users can access some of its part in offline mode as well.
  • Employers can readily send company documentation and key information to employees along with live communication.
  • Such apps increase integration with customers, enhance collaboration with employees and improve integration with business partners.
  • They eliminate the drawbacks of the traditional hierarchy method and bring employer and employees nearer.
  • Companies can come up with campaigns, contests to gather more audience. It also increases the visibility among netizens.

In brief, such apps play a significant role in smoothening business operations and make B2C model for any business. There is no wonder that the number of such apps is increasing rapidly nowadays, and Frost and Sullivan has predicted that the number of enterprise social subscriptions would cross the 535 million mark by 2018.


Along with flexibility and security, business platforms require effective and efficient features of social platforms to respond to the challenges in terms of competition, ever-growing demands of customers, so on and so forth. Without proper communication channel, no company can gain advantages of sharing knowledge and collaborative efforts. In order to stay ahead of competitors, implementation of enterprise social apps is a worthy option for entrepreneurs.

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