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  • What additional tools / software do I need to work with Configure.IT?

    Configure.IT provides pure browser based environment. Everything you want to work with your app can be directly accessed via browser (We prefer latest version of Google Chrome). You need to have a working internet connection (with reasonably good speed) to work with the platform. Everything you work is stored on Configure.IT cloud, to be accessed from anywhere. Besides browser, you will need a physical device for iOS / Android - depending on which platform you are developing - in order to check the output of the app. Practically - this means that you can work from anywhere, anytime and on any system (even a chrome book!)
  • What is so unique about Configure.IT? Is it just yet another code generator?

    Configure.IT is way too advance than simply being just a code generator. While it produces 100% native source code for mobile apps and backend, there are several key advantages of the platform that are rare to find at one place. The completeness of the platform in terms of providing almost everything you need for a custom app development is one of the benchmark compared to other platforms. The platform covers up designing relational Database, visual API for business logic, and Data Panel for CMS and of course, App development tool along with PreviewIT app for a seamless development life cycle.
  • What is Configure.IT platform about?

    Configure.IT is a highly versatile and dynamic platform that caters to most of the industry verticals and business requirements. It is mainly concentrated towards any kind of data driven applications, which defines the control flow of the program. From simple applications to complex queries Configure.IT efficiently handles all of it.
  • Which kind of applications can be built easily using Configure.IT?

    Configure.IT is a highly versatile and dynamic platform that caters to most of the industry verticals and business requirements. It is mainly concentrated towards any kind of data driven applications, which defines the control flow of the program. This excludes chat / video chat applications.
  • Do you support to build native app?

    Yes, CIT supports complete Native app. No more worrying about HTML5, create entirely native apps to make the best use of the device capability, security and performance.
  • How do I make an app without knowing programming?

    That's the beauty of the platform! You need not know hard-core programming at all. Most of the features in the platform are used by configuring elements and there the code gets automatically generated behind the scene.
  • Can I create a prototype?

    Configure.IT helps you create a real Mobile Application with real data and NATIVE code quickly. Thus, save your time, resources and efforts and do away by creating a prototype.
  • Can I reuse Apps built on Configure.IT?

    Yes, Configure.IT gives you the flexibility to reuse your app with Zero dependency (provided it has been built on the Configure.IT platform). You can also reuse any set of code or configurations like database, API, web modules, app modules, etc.
  • How does Configure.IT remove dependency on experienced developers?

    Configure.IT caters the needs of every user and thereby No business is depended on specific resources. Any competent individual can work on Configure.IT- based project. Since Configure.IT generates apps that adhere to standardization and automation, anyone can pick up from any point of development.
  • Who are the competitors of Configure.it?

    We do not have any direct competitors considering the unique features and USP which Configure.IT has. However there are some close competitors like Appmachine and Parse. You can refer the link for detailed comparison:- http://www.configure.it/mobile-app-development-platforms-comparison/

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  • Does Text View control support HTML text?

    No. Use Web View control instead.
  • How do I differentiate between the images that I have uploaded and will eventually use?

    You need to change the name of the image, to what you want it to display before, uploading on Configure.IT There are two ways for doing this – you can either code it in the admin panel OR change the name of the image before uploading on your system (Laptop), before you upload to the Admin panel. In any case, naming conventions needs to be adhered to.
  • Can I load local HTML file in Web View?

    No. But you can load HTML file from server by setting its URL in “Key Name To Data” property.
  • Can I customize progress indicating part?

    Yes. You can set color or image for progress using “Progress Tint Color” and “Progress Image” properties respectively.
  • Why is Scrollview not scrolling?

    There can be one of the following reasons for Scroll View scroll not working :- -> Scrollview “Scroll Enabled” property not enabled. -> Scroll View’s “Content View” (first subview of Scrollview) size (width and height) might be less than or equal to Scrollview size. -> Scrollview’s “Content Size Width” and(or) “Content Size Width” properties might be set to a value less than or equal to Scroll View's “Width” and(or) Height.
  • How safe my idea would be?

    Configure.IT is a platform developed to help everyone. Every user has his own Configure.IT account, through which only he can access his applications so be assured about the safety of your idea.
  • What kind of Support will I receive once I Sign up?

    We’ve already piled up lot of tutorials, help docs and videos that you can access from Help Center. Although, we also realize that you may need initial jump start to get the ball rolling. You can contact us via Community for any instant question - or send your detailed query via Support Portal. We strive to answer each and every query - although we’re human… our responses may be delayed due to backlog. For more robust and continuous assistance, you can also reach out to our official development partners, who are Configure.IT Ninja!
  • Why are Vimeo videos are not playing in Video Player?

    As of now, Configure.IT Video player does not supports Vimeo videos. Hence instead of Video Player, you are suggested to use Web view to play video.
  • Can I customize delete button on grid item which appears on long press?

    Yes. Using “Tile Delete Button Image” property. You can also change it’s position using “Tile Delete Button X Offset” and “Tile Delete Button Y Offset” properties.
  • What about the ownership of the App? Who owns it?

    You are the exclusive owner of your App. Configure.IT does not believe in Lock-in system. It provides you with the 100% Source Code Ownership.
  • What is the purpose of Navigation bar?

    To enable the user to navigate through the screens of a Mobile App. The purpose is to give direction.
  • Can I get help building my app?

    Absolutely! Configure.IT provides you with the support for e-mail and chat. Drop in your queries via Support Ticket or reach on chat where you can interact live. In case, if you just want to appreciate the work done on behalf of you then we can probably help you introduce to our Development partners.
  • What is “Header Offset From Calendar” property for?

    “Header Offset From Calendar” property is for setting gap between header view and calendar.
  • How can I show the app I am building to my customers without showing that I use Configure.IT?

    You can do so by generating builds for your project (IPA or APK files) - instead of sharing it via PreveiwIT. The IPA and APK files will work exactly like you preview the app in PreviewIT app. While generating the build for the respective platform - you will need to upload appropriate code signing files (e.g. Provisioning profile, Certificate, Key etc.) depending on the platform you want to generate build for.
  • Is it mandatory to have the Navigation bar on the screen?

    It’s not at all mandatory, however this control only simplifies and provides you with 3 controls in one place. You can also use a navigation bar as a standalone object in your app.
  • What to do if Label is not being displayed in Tableview when migrated from iOS?

    You need to adhere to Android Design Guidelines as there can be positioning issue while migrating from iOS to Android.
  • Can I customize button with Javascript or CSS?

    Yes, for Admin Panel (Backend Panel / CMS) it can be done but as the Mobile Interface is Native, so JS/CSS is not involved at all. However you can customize all the controls using our 500+ properties supported by Configure.IT platform.
  • How can I use Copy button to copy the text?

    At present, we don’t have the functionality for copying text to clipboard.

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  • How much does Configure.IT charge to download the code?

    Please Visit Pricing page to get detailed information about our pricing structure and different packages.
  • Is it possible to stop a paid account for a year, for example, and start again?

    Yes, you can but please be aware that all your project data will be deleted as soon as you stop the account. Hence, you need to take back up of your project via exporting the configuration. Its a suggestion to keep it active so you can get regular updates of CIT and can connect back whenever you need to develop new mobile application.
  • Can I change plans or cancel my subscription / billing ?

    Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime or upgrade your plan. Anytime you do so, you may lose / gain some extra features depending on the plan you choose. Your active subscription has no effect on the source code you may have downloaded earlier. However, cancelling the subscription will result in limits imposed by the effective plan you land up in. We suggest you archive and export the projects before cancelling your plan.
  • Can I buy an app just for two months?

    Certainly! Configure.IT provides you the option to switch between the plans. You can either opt for Monthly / Yearly subscription, as per your requirement.

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