Features that make Configure.IT better than other online app development platforms

Jigar Panchal

Nowadays, we are witnessing the advancement of mobile app technology. New features and functionality are introduced in various online mobile app development platforms that offer an enhanced user experience. Out of such browser-based app development tools, Configure.IT stands out in a crowd because of some innovative and interesting features. Read on to know about them:

  1. All-in-one Mobile Apps Solution
  2. Developers can get everything here to build great native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Features including database design, API development, integration of 3rd Party data sources, development of custom mobile app UI, compile builds, real-time preview, etc. are integrated to address all the requirements.

  3. Get fully dynamic solutions
  4. Configure.IT platform covers every aspect of contemporary app development technology. It generates fully native source codes that can be further customized and hosted anywhere. Developers can build anything in a way that meets the demand of an app.

  5. Get 100% browser-based online environment
  6. To build a great native mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, developers have no need to download Mac, Xcode, Eclipse or Android studio. All they need is a modern browser and an Internet connection. So, developers can build a customized app anytime and from anywhere.

  7. No coding require at all
  8. To build a powerful native mobile app, developers need not to write a single line of code. Configure.IT gives a whole range of ready-to-use app development   tools with drag-and-drop facility. So, even the non technical staff can also get involved in app development process without learning any programming languages. So Configure.IT can save dramatically app development time as well as money.

  9. PreviewIT – for real time apps preview
  10. Mobile apps require the preview before deploying in order to edit or modify it as per end users’ point of view. Very few app development platforms facilitate preview of the app during progress that enables both- developers and clients to experience how it works. PreviewIT app helps developers to see the real time app preview, developed by Configure.IT platform. PreviewIT App is completely free for users to see the instant preview of the app.

  11. Get market ready apps
  12. To build a particular platform-based app, developers need to follow that platform’s criteria strictly. But, with Configure.IT, developer can build an app, which is completely based on the guidelines defined by an App Store and Google Play Store. Also, Configure.IT provides bug-free app development environment that further helps developers to get an easy approval from the app stores.

  13. Easy to learn
  14. Now any non-technical staff can get involved in the app development process, because without having any programming skills anyone can build an app for iOS and Android platforms with no coding app development tools, Configure.IT. The complete guideline and demo video are available on the official website. If, users have any query then support team is also ready to help 24/7.

    The above points make Configure.IT one step ahead than its competitors. Users can try its every aspect free-of-cost to build a co-branded app. In conclusion, it is fair to mention that Configure.IT is helpful not only for the developers, but also for the enterprises as business owners don’t require to hire freelance developers or development companies to build user-friendly business apps.

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