Festival Days Are Like Black Friday For App Developers

Jigar Panchal

Festival time means lots of brand new device’s launching time. Millions of people woke up and unwrapped a shiny new device under the Christmas tree. Generally, all new devices not preloaded with consumer’s favourite apps such as, WhatsApp, Uber, Facebook, etc. So this is the time when users browse app stores for some new and interesting apps.

According to Flurry’s Analysis, on Christmas Day in 2014 the new device activation and app downloads were higher compared to regular new device activation and app downloads. The survey from the Flurry indicates that Santa had preferred Apple Devices on Christmas Day in 2014.

Flurry Analysis 1

From the above graph, Apple was on the 1st position with 51% of new device activations worldwide, Samsung was on the 2nd position with 18% of new device activations and Microsoft (Nokia) was on the 3rd position with 5.8% of new device activations, on the time of Christmas week, 2014.

Flurry Analysis 2

The above graph shows a vast difference in the number of apps installed on an average day in the first three weeks of December and on the Christmas days, particularly in the US.

In short, more than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile, increasing to as much as 70% at the specific time of the year such as the holiday season or a particular day like, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Thus, the Festival time is the best time for the developers who want to publish their app for their business marketing, to attract a new mass of customers. For instance, to announce a special offers of the Restaurants during the festival time, mobile app is the best way. Moreover, the new developers who want to publish their first app, for them, festival time is the best time to crop the huge number of users.

The days are gone, when to publish an app on various app stores, developers required to do the hard work for a long time. They had to do programming for a particular platform in its particular programming language. Some techno-Geeks find the best solution to develop an app for more than one OS without writing code for multiple times. The solution is cross-platform app development tool. This tool is used to develop an app for multiple platforms. Configure.IT is one of them that provides Cross Platform Native App Development facility. With this tool, developers can build an app for more than one platform within a few minutes only, just by drag and drop, regardless of their familiarity with programming.

From the above data, we can predict that the next Christmas day will be the biggest app downloading day. To overcome the app demand on that special occasion developer should try latest app development techniques as shown above.

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