Five Handy Tips to Boost Mobile App Acceptance among Users

Jigar Panchal

Enterprises, by and large, have adapted enterprise mobility and BYOD concept. Today, we witness surge in enterprise apps as an outcome of this adaptation, but then, it seems that enterprises are still missing something. True, enterprises come forward with customer-centric apps, but enterprise professionals don’t use their agility for making them popular.

Enterprises tend to overlook the issue of mobile app adoption or acceptance among users, and that creates hurdles in making customized business apps popular even if they have all the desired features and functionality.

IT department of enterprises works hard until the launch of business apps. But, usually, entrepreneurs do not consider the importance of post-launch phase, and they leave apps to their fate under the impact of a false assumption: If we build a mobile app, people will come. The reality is far from it as acceptance of any app depends on several factors. Therefore, it is necessary to apply some practical tactics. After all, even a good app is worthless if it fails to reach a huge audience.

Following methods are useful to boost acceptance of mobile apps among users:

  1. Create early plan: Enterprises should make a plan of increasing adoption in the early stage of developing apps. Such plan can be useful for making more user-friendly and engaging business app with all the features.
  2. Consider customers: For enterprises, ultimately customers are the end users. Therefore, it is necessary to consider customers in terms of their desires, requirements, etc. while creating a customized app. It is better to give apps to selected customers prior to making them live. Their feedback can help a lot in making customer-friendly apps.
  3. Create campaign: These days, marketing of all types of apps is essential, and enterprises apps are no exception. Companies should run a campaign for making their apps popular. Even IT people of enterprises can do better online marketing of their apps. Grab the marketing opportunity from social media is also a good option.
  4. Go for modification: Just like consumer apps, customers of enterprises also expect changes and modification on a regular basis, and no enterprise can ignore this expectation. It is better to modify enterprise apps to meet changing business requirements as well.
  5. Use analytics tool: Nowadays, both Google and Apple offer an analytics tool to get information about app’s performance in app stores. Enterprises should use this facility for having data regarding downloads and usage of their apps. Such data help in taking real-time decisions regarding appearance and features of apps.

These are basic and yet highly effective tactics to make customized business apps viral. Enterprises can reach a large audience through their apps by following these tips.

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