Five Interesting Myths Of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Jigar Panchal

As the mobile revolution gets momentum, and a number of mobile devices’ users increases by leaps and bounds, companies across the world are eager to embrace the technological advancement and adapt to mobility.


As a business mobile app with desired features is a key aspect of enterprise mobility, no company can ignore the importance of its existence among devices of employees, customers, associates, and other people.

Okay; then where entrepreneurs get hesitated and at times, get failed in developing a high quality app? I guess, maybe; they are overwhelmed by the myths. The blog discusses some of the most prevalent myths among them:

Myth 1: Need to establish a mobile center

Businesspersons think that they require opening a separate mobile center for developing business apps. Such a center among the company takes care of every aspect of mobile development.

Reality: Businesspersons only require the proper support. Nowadays, online mobile app development platforms are available that have innovative tools for making a quality app with all the desired features. Such platforms offer end-to-end support from developing to deploying stage of an app. With the help of such platforms, even non-technical persons can also build an app.

Myth 2: It’s a one-time task

Companies treat development of mobile app as a one-off project. When they feel that they require an app, they want to make it just for the sake of making.

Reality: It requires ongoing care, maintenance and regular updates for having optimal results. It requires features that have analytics and feedback. Companies need to place emphasis on changing user expectations and requirements periodically.

Myth 3: It requires lots of resources, time, and money

Businesspersons get reluctant to develop a business app as they think that they have to put in lots of resources, time, and money in order to develop a quality business app.

Reality: These days, many online innovative platforms are available that enable businesspersons to make a business app with necessary features in a short time. Those platforms have a rich library of tools for adding various features, and people can have a nice business app at a reasonable cost with such platforms.

Myth 4: One Mega-App is enough

Entrepreneurs consider that one huge app with a lot of key features can serve all the purposes. It will make users’ life simpler, and we’ll gain customer satisfaction.

Reality: A reality tells a different story. It is far better to develop multiple native apps for doing just one or two things well than giving a complex app with different features to users. Companies can get benefits through such apps by two ways: firstly, they can target the specific audience or workforce and secondly, they can get user satisfaction as such apps have a flawless operation.

Myth 5: Customer experience is primary, employee experience is secondary

Business apps should be customer-centric. An app should be in a position to satisfy end-users only. No need to focus on employees’ experience with the app, as people use it more than them.

Reality: Employees are the first customers of any company. Companies cannot ignore them when it comes to use of business apps. If they can’t get real-time data on the move, or they don’t get satisfaction while using an app, then it creates a sense of indifference and monotony among them. Companies should ask their experience first before deploying their apps. It is possible through a preview facility. A few mobile app development platforms provide that facility.

That’s not all. Numerous other myths exist among community of businesspersons. They can readily take help of online resources in order to get rid of them. After all, they need to develop an app sooner or later in order to adapt the mobile technology for sustained growth of their businesses.

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