Five Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Swift for App Development

Jigar Panchal

The corporate world witnesses a paradigm shift from laptops to mobile devices in accessing the Internet. In such a scenario, the enterprise-grade mobile app development becomes a compelling necessity for the companies to execute business tasks in more efficient manner while addressing the customer’s requirements and ever-increasing competition.

Today, thanks to technology, a variety of programming languages are available that have revolutionized the enterprise mobile app development process through enabling developers to build secure and robust app solutions. Out of these languages, Swift has gained ground swiftly among the iOS app developers. But, Swift’s success story is not limited to the developers only. Businesses across the world also have identified a huge scope in developing enterprise applications using Swift as the language offers multiple functionalities to fulfill customer needs and improve the user experience. These days, the app development in Swift is considered as one of the progressive innovations like IoT, Cloud Computing and Big Data that can bring changes across the various industry verticals.

Since its inception, Swift becomes a preferred choice for the companies with high quality code, easy-to-understand syntax, and powerful performance. Swift’s focus on safety is a driving force for industrial approval for this language.

Here are some other reasons that make Swift the future of enterprise mobile app development:

Open-source nature
Swift’s open source nature offers rich libraries and high flexibility to create customized applications for the latest iOS versions. It’s easy to shift enterprise apps made by Swift to the cloud. This feature facilitates entrepreneurs to develop apps for various business operations like payment processing, CRM, content management, automated billing systems, and the like.

Rapid app development
Every enterprise wants to develop highly interactive and user-friendly app in a quick manner. There, Swift can help businesses bring sensible functional and logical elements into play for reducing development time for a tailored mobile app. The concise code and the syntax similar to English enable companies to come up with bespoke app solutions rapidly.

Saves money and efforts
Simplicity and scalability of Swift can reduce overhead for app development process. Also, the quick development process can save a lot of efforts and productive time. Another benefit of Swift is developing Swift apps in the cloud is simple and fast that can save both time and money.

Multi-faceted language
App developers can make all types of apps using the multifaceted language Swift that can readily streamline the complex business processes. Swift has found a place on corporate servers for such enterprise-friendly features.

Reduced app size
Usually, enterprise apps take a long to load. App development using Swift utilizes dynamic libraries that are directly uploaded to the memory, thereby reducing the initial size of an application. It results in improved app performance and less time to load.

That’s not all. Swift has a massive ecosystem and it can assist enterprises to increase productivity with a futuristic enterprise mobile app that can seamlessly run on iOS devices.
Better quality apps with high performance can be developed in a short time using Swift.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has referred Swift as the ‘next big programming language’ for the right reason. These days, Swift is not considered as just an alternative to Objective C. As more and more companies are starting to leverage the benefits of Swift, it’s time to jump on the Swift app development bandwagon with Configure.IT.

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