DB Backup


Backup, refers to copying and archiving of any system, application or files, is necessary to be restored in case of data loss. DB Backup allows user to take backup of the database, time to time. It's always advisable to take backup on regular basis to avoid data loss in case of any emergency. User need to have subscribed for the package including this feature to avail this facility.

Two types of Backups are available:

  1. Full Backup
  2. Table Backup

Full Backup

Used to save and download backup of the whole database.

  1. Clicking on “Backup” file will make the backup file(SQL) of the whole database.
  2. Database Backup Files will show you the full list of all the backups saved so far. Latest will be shown first.
  3. It also shows the size of the file to check the availability of space in destination device.
  4. Clicking on downloaded file image in “Download” column will download the SQL file to downloads folder of your device.
  5. You can always switch from one project to your other project from “Switch To” drop down.

Table Backup

Used when you just need backup of particular table/s.

  1. Two options are available for Table Backup
    • Download Tables
    • Save Backup and Download
  2. Download Tables: Select the table/s which you want to download and clicking on “Download / Backup” button will directly download the .sql file to your device.
  3. Save Backup and Download : Select the table/s which you want to have backup for and click on “Download / Backup” button. This will save the backup file in the list of Backup files as well as download it to the device. This ensures availability of the file in case if it's lost from your device (PC or Laptop)

How to access backup files

While downloading, it won’t ask you where to store, instead, it will store the file in your “Downloads” folder under My Computer. Once downloaded, this SQL file is easy to locate and read/edit.

Use of DB Backup Files

This SQL backup file is well organized, fully commented and easily understood by any user. It contains all the SQL queries from table structures, Inserting records to Views and Triggers too. It becomes easy to restore the same, in case of data loss. Even the same SQL file can be used for other project too.