Define Settings


There are many application wide settings necessary for successful running of the application. This section exclusively gives access to user to define all type of settings ranging from defining cache, different formats, preferences, authentication to appearance. At any level, user has got liberty to add new setting and make necessary configurations to make it work.

List of Settings

  1. Add New Record : To add new settings, please visit Add New Mod Setting
  2. Delete : Will delete selected records
  3. View All : It will display all the messages.
  4. Name : Give self explanatory name so any layman can understand
  5. Value : This can be either Yes or No.
  6. Display Type : How you want to display the message i.e. as text, checkbox etc.
  7. Actions : Edit or Delete any action can be initiated
  8. Sorting : Clicking on any column head once will sort the records in ascending order while clicking one more time will sort them in descending order.
  9. Searching/Filtering : Filtering of records for quick search is possible with this option at top right corner. Searching with below fields are possible
    • Name
    • Config Type
    • Display Type

Add New Mod Setting

To add new settings, following form should be filled with necessary details.

  1. Setting Name : Please give short and self-explanatory name
  2. Description : Give detailed description
  3. Config Type : Configuration Type shows configuration it refers to exactly. It can be related to any of the following list so select the most appropriate one.
    • Company
    • Appearance
    • Email
    • Meta
    • SMTP
    • Prices
    • SMS
    • Preferences
    • Config
    • Formats
    • Authenticate
    • Cache
  4. Display Type : How you want to display the message, select the type from following list.
    • Text
    • Selectbox
    • Textarea
    • Checkbox
    • Hidden
    • Prices
    • Editor
    • File
    • Readonly
    • password
  5. Value : Depending upon the display type selected, it will allow user to write number of optional values
  6. Default Value : There can be either default value or not.
  7. Help Text : Write down help text to offer learning to the user
  8. Validation Code : If you want to put any validation, check the checkbox. Select the type of validation and click on the adjacent icon to write validation message.
  9. Multilingual : Select if you want to display the message in different languages. This will be applicable only when the app is multilingual/
  10. Order By : Select the order number to display
  11. Status : Choose from Active and Inactive.
  12. Add : This will add new message.
  13. Cancel : This will cancel the add process and redirect user on previous page.

List of Default Settings

  1. Cache
    • Activate Assets(images/css/js) Cache
    • Activate Query Cache (Admin)
    • Activate DB Query Caching
    • Activate Query Cache (Front)
    • Multiple Sorting in Listing (Admin)
    • Listing Preferences Expire Time (Admin)
    • Listing Preferences (Admin)
    • Activate Query Cache (API)
  2. Formats
    • Currency Prefix
    • Currency Suffix
    • Date Format (Admin)
    • Date and Time Format (Admin)
    • Decimal Places
    • Decimal Separator
    • Phone Number Format
    • Thousands Separator
    • Time Format
  3. Preferences
    • Activate Desktop Notifications
    • Activate Theme
    • Theme Settings
    • Activate Page Animation
    • Display Paging at Bottom
    • Display Paging at Top
    • Activate Pattern Login
    • Multi-Lingual Project
    • Multi-Lingual Auto Translation
    • Location of Navigation Bar
    • Activate Navigation Log
    • Project Base Version
    • Project Latest Version
    • Account Modified Date
    • Account Status
  4. Authenticate
    • Admin Encryption Key
    • Activate URL Encryption
    • Activate Checksum Authentication [API]
    • API Encryption Key
    • Activate Response Encryption[API]
    • API Token Time Limit
    • Activate Token Authentication [API]
  5. Appearance
    • How Many Minutes Idle to Auto-Logoff
    • Copyright text
    • Site Control Panel Title
    • Valid Image Extensions
    • No Of Records Per Page [Admin]
    • No Of Records Per Page [Front]
  6. Config
    • Amazon Web Server Access Key
    • Amazon Bucket Name
    • AWS CDN Domain
    • AWS CDN Enable
    • Amazon Web Server Region
    • Amazon Web Server Secret Key
    • Amazon Web Server SSL verify
    • Custom Image Server Authentication Code
    • Custom Image Server Base URL
    • Custom Image Server File Path
    • Custom Image Server Post URL
    • Dropbox OAuth Client ID
    • Dropbox OAuth Client Secret
    • File Upload Server Location
    • Google Captcha Secret Key
    • Google Maps API Key
    • Google OAuth Client ID
    • Google OAuth Client Secret
    • Project / Application Debug Level
    • Multilingual APP ID (Microsoft)
    • Multilingual APP Key (Google)
    • Multilingual Password (frengly)
    • Multilingual Username (frengly)
  7. Company
    • Company address
    • Company City
    • Company Favicon
    • Company Fax
    • Company Logo
    • Company Name
    • Company State
    • Company Toll Free Number
    • Company Zip Code
    • Upload No Image to be shown when there is no image
  8. Email
    • Company Support Email Address
    • Company Administrator Email Address
    • Notification Email ID
    • Push Notification Android Key
    • Push Notification iOS Key
    • Push Notification PEM File
    • Push Notifications Send Mode
    • Push Notifications Send Type
    • Send Mail via SMTP
    • SMTP Server Crypto (SSL/TLS)
    • SMTP Server Host
    • SMTP Server Password
    • SMTP Server Port
    • SMTP Server User name
    • Push Notification Send Limit
  9. Prices
    • Discount
    • Tax
    • VAT
  10. Meta
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keyword
    • Other SEO Related META Tags
    • Meta Title
    • SEO Friendly URL
  11. Push Notification
    • Push Notification Android Type
    • Push Notification iOS Bundle ID
    • iOS Key ID (kid)
    • Push Notification iOS Protocol
    • iOS Team ID (iss)
  12. SMS
    • SMS Active API
    • Clickatell API ID
    • Clickatell Password
    • Clickatell API Token
    • Clickatell Username
    • SMS From Number
    • Nexmo API Key