Module CSS File


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is used by applications to help keep information in an identical display format. CSS files can help to outline font, size, color, spacing, border and location of HTML information on a web page, and can also be used to provide a continuous look throughout multiple screens of an application.

There can be single or multiple CSS files for an application. They can be either imported while adding new file or generated in the application.

List of CSS File

It will show you the list of CSS files if you have used any with details. There will be different CSS files for Input Forms and Listing. User can switch on between two tabs.

Module it is used , CSS file name , Files is exist or not , Preview of code). It allows you to add new CSS file and delete existing CSS file.

Add New CSS Files

  1. Module Name : Select the Name of Module from the drop down
  2. CSS File Name : This will include alpha-numberic values and underscore. Extension is automatically taken.
  3. CSS Code : Write your customized CSS over here.
  4. Additional CSS Req? : If additional CSS is required then check the checkbox
  5. Add Additional CSS : Write the additional CSS
  6. Add New : This will allow you to add more CSS
  7. Remove Field : This will delete the newly added field
  8. Add : This button will add new CSS File
  9. Cancel : This will cancel the adding process and land user on last page

See below screen of CSS Code Preview screen