Release Notes

  • Introduced 2 documents - Module JS File and Module CSS FileNew Feature

    As clients were raising more queries for Module JS and CSS files, we thought to come up with these 2 documents so clients can have extended help on most required part of Module Management.

    You can find Module JS and Module CSS under Module Management inside Admin Configuration .

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    Many useful updates as listed below are part of new version 4.0.5:

    -Updated minimum android support version to 16

    -Updated android support app compact and compile version

    -Updated barcode library for touch on/off button

    -Updated Facebook library

    -Updated Api library for retaining the image exif parameters

  • Added Signature View and Model View Control documentsNew Feature

    Two new controls (Signature View and Model View) were added earlier for which help documents are added with properties and actions.

  • Reformed Backend documentsChanged

    Old documents are replaced with revised documents to provide segregated section wise information . Below is the list of modernized documents:

    1) Basic Overview

    2) Database Configuration

    3) Admin Configuration

    4) API Configuration

    5) Dashboard Configuration

    6) Menu Configuration

    7) Project Management

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedFixed

    PreviewIT - Android New Version 4.0.3 released!

    - Local DB issue resolved
    - Tableview single selection issue resolved

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedFixed

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.3.0 Released!

    - Fixed minor bugs to make it more user-friendly and easy.

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    PreviewIT Android New Version 4.0.2 Released!

    1) Added Local DB LOOP with custom iteration
    2) Now user can Change background with custom shape of any control
    3) Added action for clear local DB data and load new fresh DB to application (Applicable in local DB only)
    4) Some Minor bug resolved

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.2.2 Released!

    1) Solved image picker dismiss issue
    2) Added 2 news keys to GET_CONTACTS third party API response parameters
    3) Minor bugs fixed

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT - Android New Version 4.0.1 Released with some minor local DB changes

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.2.0 Released!

    1) Added In App purchase receipt in device info
    2) Added log in notes section to display case- action execution logs and API response.
    3) Added Instagram access token in response parameters
    4) Minor bug fixes

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedFixed

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.1.9 Released to fix some minor bugs.

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.1.6 Released!

    1) Added Show Popover action for iPhone, which was confined to iPad only earlier
    2) Solved iPad popover issues
    3) Fixed table section header LOAD event issue
    4) Other minor bug fixes

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT App - iOS new version 2.1.5 released with following updates:

    1) Added PAYTM payment third party API
    2) Removed empty string validation for url
    3) Solved ipad popover issue
    4) Solved search cancel button animation issue.
    5) Other minor bug fixes

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    PreviewIT - Android New Version 4.0.0 Released!

    1) Added local notification feature
    2) Changed the look of PreviewIT with all brand new & enhanced features

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.1.4 Released!

    1) Solved grid view multiple selection issue
    2) Added mode property calendar to switch between month view and week view
    3) Added X Position property in 'Change Object Properties' action.
    4) Search Bar - Table View local search issue

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.1.3 Released!

    1) Solved Grid View Header and Footer View issues
    2) Solved html label text alignment issue.
    3) Solved marquee label text color issue
    4) Solved image picker issue in iPad.
    5) Added table even/odd cell background color and background image properties
    6) Added captured screenshot event.
    7) Solved rating view value changed event issue
    8) Solved local notification issue for iOS 10 and later

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    PreviewIT App - iOS New Version 2.1.2 Released!

    1) Added 'Show Full Screen Ad' action - presents a full screen ad using AdMob SDK. For this to work
    2) 'ADMOB' has to be enabled in 'THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS' section and 'API Key' has to be set under 'THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS >> ADMOB'
    3) Solved local notification issue for iOS 10.0 and above
    4) Added 'Relative View Id' property for 'Ad View' control. This will move the control set in 'Relative View Id' property to cover the space of blank Ad View, when it fails to load Ad.
    5) Solved iPad Landscape mode auto resizing issue.
    6) Solved Table View and Grid Search Bar filter with sections enabled issue.
    7) Fixed minor issues/bugs

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT iOS New Version 2.0.9 Released!

    1) Introduction of Swift 3.0
    2) Added play audio action
    3) Solved minor bugs

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3.0.24 Released!

    1) Added divider property in expandable list view
    2) Able to handle live audio streaming url in audio player
    3) Now user can save to album action save image in specified folder instead of common SD card
    4) Added animated progress bar activity indicator color
    5) Handling Side Panel, tab bar and fragment navigation from side panel is available now
    6) Header view load will call only once now in List and Grid
    7) Section control load event issue is resolved in Expandable list view

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3.0.23 Released!

    1) Enabled token authentication in API
    2) Added activity indicator color in loading view (Inside app settings)
    3) FCM push notification issue resolved
    4) Made single line to multiselctionpicker view
    5) Added Forgot disable log

  • Rephrased Front-end DocumentsChanged

    Revised below listed documents from front-end to give detailed information compatible with new design to users:

    1) Tab & Miscellaneous Settings
    2) Team Management
    3) Notifications
    4) Add Notes
    5) Restore Changes

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3.0.21 Released!

    1) Play audio/Manage Audio action is added
    2) Google map key issue resolved
    3) Minor bugs fixed

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3.0.19 Released!

    1) Added string resource for static string display for multi-language
    2) Added Play audio action
    3) Added Event onLinkLoadStarted for Webview

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3.0.18 Released!

    1) Resolved Barcode scan issue
    2) Fixed Change language from side panel issue

  • Introduced Signature ControlNew Feature

    Long awaited Signature Control has been introduced!
    This control lets the user do the signature. This can be helpful in building applications with scenarios where the Delivery Personnel would be asking the Recipient to sign and acknowledge that the parcel was received in good condition.

  • Introduced XXXHDPI resolution for AndriodNew Feature

    Now XXXHDPI resolution is also available for Android!

    1) This new resolution will reflect in the panel
    2) User can view separate images for XXXHDPI in asset manager
    3) User can easily add XXXHDPI support to existing app with just one click

  • PSD Script Updated version 3.0.0 Changed

    PSD Script updated to accommodate newly added features!

    You can find following updates:

    1) Added support for newly added controls like model view , signature view
    2) Able to generate images for xxxhdpi resolution
    3) Updated the help doc
    4) bugs fixed

  • View Recently Used ColorsNew Feature

    While selecting foreground or background color, now user can view recently used 6 colors during configuration so color selection takes less time and exact color can be chosen.

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3..0.17 Released!

    1) Fixed Change language issue for downloaded APK
    2) Introduced support for Android XXXHDPI resolution on the platform

  • Introduced "App and Screen Settings" documentNew Feature

    Introduced new document "App and Screen Settings" to give detail about Application Settings and Screen Settings at

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT App 2.0.4 Version Released!

    This new version fixed many minor bugs to give you smooth and memorable experience.

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT - Android New Version 3.0.16 Released!

    1) Added SignatureView control
    2) Added Slider (Seekbar) line height property
    3) Added Calendar view properties:
    - Cell Text Font Name
    - Selected Cell Font Name
    - Current Date Cell Text Font Name
    - Header Text Font Name
    - Cell Text Font Size
    - Selected Cell Font Size
    - Current Date Cell Text Font Size
    - Header Text Font Name size

  • Updated "Action Management" docChanged

    "Action Management" document updated with new actions and aligned with other latest design changes. You can have a look at

  • Removed documents

    With the introduction of separate control document for each control at below documents are removed to eliminate duplication. Text Controls Button Controls View Controls Map Contrls Picker Controls

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT - Android New Version 3.0.15 Released!

    What's New:

    1) Marshmallow Send SMS issue solved
    2) Added parameter in Mapview to get visible region radius
    - New response parameter key added is = map_visible_region_radius
    3) PhotAnimatedGallery issue resolved
    4) Enabled NavigationButton for GridView also
    5) Changed DatePicker to work like display format as time only along with the default format of date & time both

  • Added ‘Change Map Center’ ActionNew Feature

    This action is for changing map center coordinate.

    Parameters :-

    Latitude - New center coordinate latitude
    Longitude - New center coordinate Longitude
    Address - If you do not have latitude and longitude you can give address of the center location in this parameter
    Map View Id - id of the map view whose center location has to be changed
    Is Animation - should the change be animated?

  • Added 3 new Badge customisation properties for Tab Bar New Feature

    Added 3 new Badge customization properties for Tab Bar in ‘Application Tab Settings’ section.

    Now below customizations are possible:

    Badge background color
    Badge text color
    Badge text font

  • Added ‘Card Number’ validation for API input parametersNew Feature

    Added ‘Card Number’ validation for API input parameters.

    This will check if your input is a valid credit card number or not. Also you can check if it belongs to ‘Visa’, ‘MasterCard’, ‘Amex’, ‘Discover’, ‘Dinersclub’ or ‘Jcb’. By specifying the type, you want to check against in ‘Select Obj’ selector.

  • Added ‘Link Load Started’ event for Web ViewNew Feature

    Added ‘Link Load Started’ event for Web View. This event is triggered when web view starts loading URL.

  • Added ‘Enable Directions’ property for Map ViewNew Feature

    Added new property ‘Enable Directions’ for Map View. Checking this will draw directions between the first and the last pin of map view via all other pins from API.

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    PreviewIT Android New Version 3.0.14 Released!

    What's New:

    1) New attribute added for minute interval
    2) Added minute interval date picker
    3) Date picker PopupOverlay color added to change date picker color theme
    4) Picker view set data forcefully issue resolved
    5) Tablet landscape issue is resolved

  • Slider controlNew Feature

    By Adding "Enable Range Slider" property for Slider Control, it became easy to input range type data easily and fast.

    Here is the screenshot to have a look:

  • Added ‘Map Scroll End’ event for Map View controlNew Feature

    Added ‘Map Scroll End’ event for Map View control. This event is triggered when user ends scrolling map view.

    Response Parameters :-
    Map_center_distance - distance between previous and current center after scroll
    Map_center_latitude - new center lat
    Map_center_longitude - new center lng

  • Added ‘Marquee Type’ property for Label controlNew Feature

    Different 'Marquee Type" can be used for Label as below:

    Right - From Left to Right
    Left - From Right to Left
    Continuous - From Left to Right continuously
    Continuous Reverse - From Left to Right and then Right to Left. Reverses direction.

  • Added ‘Show Custom Dialog’ ActionNew Feature

    Any View control, in most of the cases, Label will have this action to show Custom Dialog on it.

    Parameters :-
    Select Model View - Id of View control which has to be shown as dialog.

  • Added ‘Image Cap Insets’ property New Feature

    Added ‘Image Cap Insets’ property for Image View control. This property creates a resizable version of this image. The interior is tiled when drawn.

  • Added ‘Capture View Screenshot’ ActionNew Feature

    Added ‘Capture View Screenshot’ action. This action is for capturing screenshot of a control on current screen.

    Parameters :-
    View Id for Capture - id of control which has to be captured
    Receiver Image - Id of control on which captured image has to be displayed.

  • Added ‘Plot Color Code’ property for Pie ChartNew Feature

    Provided option to set color code key for pie chart so user can set key name from API for color code for each pie slice using ‘Plot Color Code’ property. This made pie chart to show different plotted data in various colors and easily read it.

  • Added ‘Attachment’ parameter to ‘Email’ actionNew Feature

    New parameter "Attachment" added to Email action so user can attach an image to the email.

  • Added ‘Enable Right To Left’ property for Rating View, Search Bar and Gridview controlsNew Feature

    We have added new property called "Enable Right to Left" for Rating View, Search Bar and Grid View Controls. This will change appearance of control to show mirror reflection.

  • Added New Videos!New Feature

    Here we present you with 4 More videos to help you learn various features of Configure.IT as listed below :

    1) How to configure Asset manager (iOS and Android) -
    2) How to configure tab bar -
    3) How to configure Audio, videos and images files on CIT -
    4) How to Sync of MySQL API data to Local SQLite DB -

  • Added New Videos!New Feature

    We have come up with 4 More videos to give you detailed idea about different features of Configure.IT as listed below :

    1) How to change resolutions in iOS & Android? -
    2) How to configure Tableview? -
    3) How to create PSD files in photoshop to create screens? -
    4) Map View -
    5) Picker View -

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    Latest version 3.0.13 released with following updates:

    1) Autocompleted Text View
    - Added event Autocompleted textfield editing
    - Minor functionality changes in single selection

    2) Texture View - Added TexureView for playing video to overcome video play related issues of native android VideoView control

    3) Video View
    - Added video view with live video streaming

    - Grid View empty data issue resolved

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedChanged

    Version 2.0.1 is now ready to download!

    - Minor bugs are resolved in this version

  • Revised Basic Overview Configuration - Mobile ConfigurationChanged

    Revamped Basic Mobile Configuration Overview document according to the new design and made it more user-friendly

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedChanged

    Latest Version 3.0.12 has following updates:

    - Updated the core Preview engine for Android devices
    - Revamped the core framework

  • Renovated "Datasource Management" documentChanged

    Improved documentation of "Datasource Management" and made compatible with new design of the App

  • Updated Asset Manager documentationChanged

    Included Rules to upload images in Assets Manager

    incorporated FAQs and Video so from single page, user can get all related information

    You can have a look at

  • Introduced Android Layout Settings & Migration from iOS to Android App documentsNew Feature

    Two new documents were introduced :

    1) Android Layout Settings: Any user needs to read & follow before designing Layouts for Android App. It gives in-depth explanation.

    2) Migration from iOS App to Android App: Guide for users who want to migrate their iOS Apps to Android, developed on Configure.IT platform using

  • FAQ Display Changed!Changed

    Previously Clicking on FAQs listed on any page were opening under FAQ section and user had to find desired FAQ, Instead for the ease, now FAQs are listed on the related pages.

    Now any user can have all the related FAQs listed on the same page e.g. you can see all the Map View related Questions & Answers listed on Map View Control page itself and user don't need to go separately on FAQ section.

    No need to move here and there.

  • PreviewIT App - iOS New Version ReleasedFixed

    Version Version 1.5.3 is now up! Solved Expandable table view response issue

  • Revamped Dashboard DesignChanged

    We’ve completely revamped the dashboard experience when you’re signed in. The new version of dashboard UI allows efficient browsing across your projects as well as gives finer control to manage different aspects of a given project.

    From Sign up / Login to Project Flow, Edit Profile, Billing, Support / Ticket Summary – All these screens which you see as a user are going to get new look. We hope to bring more clarity and comprehensibility with our latest design.

    The new dashboard experience, to access elements of your entire project quickly. Whether it is AppConsole, Mobile Backend, Generating Builds or even downloading the source code, you can get it all at one place with a project focused detail.

    Have a look at some of the pages with our new attire.

  • Re-equipped PreviewIT App for iOSChanged

    In the process of supporting Swift language for iOS and improve user experience of PreviewIT app, we have completely revamped the PreviewIT app from ground up. Now all apps which you configure on Configure.IT will be tested with Swift based code within PreviewIT.

    All of your existing apps will be converted to Swift internally and you can test it on latest PreviewIT.

    PreviewIT app also gets new design and functionality. Listing of Projects has become much simpler and easy to use. You can review Configure.IT demo projects even without login or having an account on Configure.IT.

    We also added Registration mechanism as well on the PreviewIT app so that anyone can directly register while browsing PreviewIT and start exploring the Configure.IT platform.

    Download the latest PreviewIT app from AppStore.

  • Workspaces for AppConsoleChanged

    When you are beginning your app afresh - you may want to focus either on design or development first. Developing an app with the extremely detailed features of AppConsole may become overwhelming at times. To reduce the friction of dealing with so many options - we introduce to you Workspaces in App Console.

    Workspaces are basically groups of properties - separated by the focus on design, development or actions.

    Grouping the configuration properties is going to help users and improve the App Generation Process. Time can be saved and loading time will be reduced considerably as only design properties will be loaded while in Design Mode. Editing / Re-designing will become easy and quick with introduction of this feature.

  • PreviewIT - Android New Version ReleasedNew Feature

    Latest Version 2.0.39 has following updates:

    - Updated gestures support
    - Added new validations
    - Added Google place API

  • Future is Swift! New Feature

    Swift overtook Objective-C to turn out one of the most popular language. The surge in acceptance was encouraged by the release of Swift into open-source in December. The developer community is already recognizing the extraordinary benefits of Swift language compared to Objective-C. Apple's Swift page exhibits that LinkedIn, Day One, Clear, Hipmunk, and others were built using Swift.

    Swift will not only overrule Objective-C when it comes to developing Apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and devices to come, but it will also surpass C for embedded programming on Apple platforms. That's why future of iOS is Swift.

    The reason for shifting from Objective C to Swift is recently Apple has shown their goals for Swift and optimized the compiler for performance. Launch of Xcode 6, Playgrounds and Swift together indicates Apple’s intent to make App Development more user-friendly.

    Here are some benefits of Swift over Objective C:

    1. Swift is easier to read and write so good news for beginners
    2. Unlike Objective C, Swift can unify all the keywords by dropping legacy conventions
    3. Swift merges the Objective-C header (.h) and implementation files (.m) into a single code file (.swift).
    4. Swift runtime crash stops where a NIL optional value is used so bug is fixed right away and can be avoided entirely.
    5. Swift is 'safer' - there's less memory management to take care of.
    6. Swift allows inline support for manipulating text strings and data so less coding.
    7. Swift has several crafty tricks up its sleeve
    8. It allows less name collisions with open source projects
    9. It supports dynamic Libraries

  • Migrating from Parse to CITNew Feature

    Configure.IT has made available Instant Parse Migration tool - using which Parse victims can migrate their entire Parse backend to Configure.IT. All you need to do is provide your Parse Credentials and follow the wizard! You don’t even need to change Parse SDK within your parse clients, Just replace the Base URL and everything will just work as it was. will guide you to migrate to Configure.IT - a more consistent, open and powerful platform to cloud your backend.

    Here are the steps which gives you texual information of how easy the migration process is:

    1) Login into Configure.IT using your credentials and go to Back-end to start migration
    2) Enable “DataPanel Preview”
    3) Under Admin Panel Configuration, Select “Parse App Migration” to begin migration

    4) Provide Parse login details
    5) Choose the App you want to migrate/import to Configure.IT and click on “Continue.

    6) All the data of Parse App will be fetched. Parse will send your App User Data File via registered email. Click on “Send Mail” to receive the file and Upload it in CIT Wizard
    7) Hit “Migrate Button” to begin the import process

    8) You can also view Migration Log
    9) Go to Migration Doc and read instructions to Change API Endpoints to Configure.IT URL

    10) Take a look at API Console to check your new APIs for Parse data
    11) You can test your APIs for further integration

    Migrating from Parse to Configure.IT is valuable because your data will be converted from No-SQL to RDBMS-MySQL, App data will be hosted right away to Configure.IT Cloud.

    Configure.IT has many features that Parse doesn’t have - so migrating will add easiness and flexibility to you as a developer as you would be now able to:

    Host your backend to the provider of your choice
    No lock-in for source code and database
    Database and data are entirely MySQL Driven
    Use of Infinite Data
    Dynamic and 100% customizable Admin Panel
    Import Current Data
    In-built File storage
    Notification and Scheduler
    Custom Business Logic and API development
    Integration of any 3rd Party API
    Web based Editor
    Real Time Preview
    Reusability at every stage

    And a tons of new features to come too….

  • Launching - Cloud Hosting ServiceNew Feature

    Configure.IT announces hosting service so no separate platform to look for Cloud Hosting. If you are using Configure.IT as your development platform as you can host your database, backend or API on Configure.IT. Develop your project on the platform and whenever you are ready to move to live, simply Click a few buttons and your entire backend will be instantly pushed to the Cloud servers.

    Moreover, Hosting is now part of your new Configure.IT subscription without anything extra!

    What you need to do to add hosting service for your Mobile App at Configure.IT?:

    1) Click on “Remote Servers” to get redirected on Remote Server Management Page. You can see list of all the servers and option to “Add CIT Hosting”

    2) Choose your own subdomain name, Your Hosting URL would be

    3) Click on “Deploy Now” button

    Now Configure.IT is the complete solution for all your App Development requirements covering entire development life cycle. Configure.IT user don’t need to knock any door for any service.

  • GEARS - User Guide of CITNew Feature

    Gears app is a complete App to exhibit the competencies of the Rapid App Development with the refined implementations of Mobile UI controls.

    Whosoever want to learn Configure.IT, must refer to GEARS read only App found on Projects page as CIT tried to cover almost all the mobile configuration controls with various properties, actions and effects.

    The app demonstrates wide-ranging use cases of implementing diverse user interfaces with the help of fine grain independent illustrations for each control. Each control is implemented considering various scenarios which helps user build significant interactions and rich experience in your mobile app.

    This full App is available as a sample project for you in the “Projects” page, along with other demo projects.

  • New Pricing complementing your survey responsesNew Feature

    We don't only hear but Listen to you too! Here are new prices for everyone starting from $9.

    Configure.IT took Survey for pricing and here is the pricing, you will be happy to subscribe for. We have something for everyone and have taken care that none miss the highest spreading platform - Configure.IT. We've tailored it to make it suitable for Students, Developers as well as Enterprises.

    Please visit for details of each plan.

  • Quick & Easy Database Table Record Management New Feature

    Admin Panel is made easiest and more user-friendly ​​with introduction of Database Table Records management.

    This feature is available in table detail page. Clicking on "Table Records" will open all records in single screen in Edit mode so you can edit multiple records at a time and save the time

    Adding new record on the fly is also possible with one click. User is able to add/edit/search/delete table data easily.

    To open multiple records in edit mode, "Batch Edit" is the option and once you complete the Batch editing, save all the records at once with "Batch Save" button.

  • Fixes for AndroidFixed

    Bug Fixing for PreviewIT Android Version:

    1) Facebook Issue resolved
    2) Twitter Friends list issue resolved
    3) Performance improved with minor bug fixes

  • Deploy Code & DB with One ClickChanged

    To make ease and to speed up the deployment process, we have launched One Click Deployment. Clicking Just one button "Deploy Now", Source Code and DB will be uploaded at once.

    One more option is provided along with this which is "Deploy Changes" which will reply only modified files and not all the files saving time and internet data.

    Clicking on "Deploy Changes" will lead to a screen where user can view where the modifications have been made i.e. Database, Code, API, Admin Modules etc. List of files added/modified after last deployment will be displayed and user will be able to select files to upload.

  • Added ​HTTP status code​ for API responseNew Feature

    Whosoever want to use API at advance level would definitely require HTTP status code for API response. The first digit of the status code denotes one of five classes of response.

    T​his option is available in every finish block of API. User can set predefined HTTP Status Codes as well as can set on their own ​in API ​Finish block.​

  • Dynamic 'success' parameter​ for APINew Feature

    Dynamic parameters permits user to set the success parameter "on the fly" instead of static 1 or 0.

    User can define his own success parameter and send to API output response. Traditionally user had to define only 2 success parameters like 1 for Success and 0 for failure but now user can get rid of it and make it dynamic while configuring API.

  • Project Sharing is possible now!New Feature

    Many a times, we need to make our project/App available to view to either our clients or team-mates. We have enabled Project Sharing so user can share their project as read-only or make them editable too.

    Project Sharing is safe and gives you exclusive rights to share it with desired persons only with access rights as per your choice. This option is available while Editing the Project"

    User can also make the project available to view to all the registered users of Configure.It by choosing Access Type as Public. No of users can be added to look over the project/App.

  • 12 New Date Formats New Feature

    To give more flexibility to users to choose from different Date Formats, we have introduced 12 new Date Formats along with 8 existing formats for client side in Admin Panel.

    Now user has wide range to select from and use various Date Formats of their choice and requirement.

  • Data Encryption / Hash Mechanism​s for password type fields in AdminNew Feature

    Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. Unencrypted data is stored as plain text whereas encrypted data is referred to as cipher text and stored in DB in encrypted form only.

    We are using hash tag mechanism to encrypt the data as its the safest encryption method for storing password and other secure field data. Encrypted data would be readable to only authorized user with necessary credentials.

    To set encryption for any field, you need to visit Field Level Settings page and Select Field Type. User is given liberty to choose from different Encryption Method. Selected method will be applied for Encrypting that field.

  • Change Output Key Names of API in Custom FunctionNew Feature

    We are in process of making the platform more customer friendly and customized so they can get maximum out of it.

    Now users are able to change Output Key Names of existing API in Custom Function. While calling existing API in Custom Function, user can change output parameters, success message and parameter key names. So user can use those parameters for further operations.

  • Data Encryption of Textbox and​ Textarea for AdminNew Feature

    Many times we need to store sensitive data like Credit Card Information more securely. To make it available, we have added Data Encryption of Textbox and Textarea in Admin Panel.

    This will store encrypted data in database instead of plain text. This way secure data can be protected.

  • ​FULLTEXT index support for databaseNew Feature

    We have introduced FULLTEXT index support which will allow users to do indexing on fields in table in Database along with Normal Index and Unique Index.

    To support full-text queries, full-text indexes must be implemented on the columns referenced in the query. This indexing is more useful while searching data for specific words/phrases instead of regular search.

    Fulltext indexing is enabled on CHAR, VARCHAR, or TEXT columns for now.

  • Fixes for Admin PanelFixed

    1) Project Installer : It had issue in ​MySQL extension checking and redirection URLs which is fixed
    2) ​SQLite API sync : Syncing was not working after clicking Save Settings which is solved
    3) ​Linking API in admin module : API Linking before and after event function had some issues which have been resolved.
    4) ​FTP file transfer mode : File Transfer Modes have been set to Active or Passive for Remote Servers

  • Copy to Clipboard - Yes!New Feature

    We have come up with "Copy to Clipboard" action which will help you copy text or image to device clipboard and paste it wherever needed.

    You need to pass just one Parameter - Image OR Text . This parameter is used to set text or image to be copied to clipboard.

  • Read only projects for easy referenceNew Feature

    "Demo Projects" are ready only projects which any user can see by clicking on "Projects" tab. These are facilitated to users so that they can anytime use these projects as reference, learn configurations, set learning curve etc.

    These will be viewable to all the users. KitchenSync is a project in which we have covered almost all the controls so you can use it as Black Book of Configure.IT.

    If any user want to learn Configure.IT and checks all the configurations of these Read-only projects in detail, he should learn almost everything.

  • “Get Google Places” APINew Feature

    This API is used to get Google places search results by taking search text as input parameter. Google API Key has to be created enabling Google Places API to make this API work.

    API key has to be set in “Third Party Applications >> GOOGLE_PLACES >> Google Places API Key”. Another way is, if your App uses Google Maps, to create single API key for Google Maps and Google Places.

    You need to enable both Google Maps SDK for iOS and Google Places API while creating the required key and paste the API key in “MISCELLANEOUS SETTINGS >> Map >> Google Map API Key”

  • Added "Pin Tapped" EventNew Feature

    Map View Control is enriched with "Pin Tapped" Event. This event is triggered when pin in the Map View is tapped.

  • Added "Scrolling Ended" eventNew Feature

    Perfect solution to offer something fancy or lucrative when user stops scrolling. Earlier user to need to make a function and overwrite it every time user scrolls to check if the scrolling has been ended or not.

    If user want to trigger any action when user stops scrolling or when the scrolling ends, he can use "Scrolling Ended" event.

  • One more feather - Forum / CommunityNew Feature

    After Live Chat and Ticket System, Forum / Community is one more destination to get answer of your query, discuss any topic and get quick views from all the users of Configure.IT.

    Forum / Community is a platform where you can ask questions, get answers, exchange views or converse on topics, get expert opinions, grab tips shared by the Configure.IT ninjas!

    Our Support members, technical team members and all Configure.IT users are going to gather at the same platform to serve the industry and help one another after launch of Forum / Community.

  • Launch of HMVC Structure for API and Notifications!New Feature

    Now the scalability issues apparent within Applications have become past with the launch of HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). We started the same structure with Backend and now it has got under way for API and Notifications. Uers can get maximum benefits of "widgetization" of content structures. It can display inline commenting, views for blogs, reviews of movie/songs on the same page. HMVC aspires to increase code modularity, aid re-usability, and sustain a better separation of concerns.

    This will benefit the Configure.IT user in categorization & clubbing all the parts of the Application for a section together e.g. categories, product, order etc. For database tables, related APIs, Modules etc can be kept under same folder structure

  • Code documentation for API/Modules/NotificationsNew Feature

    Premium / Paid users, who have availed extra facility of Backend Source Code downloading, will get more benefit of Code Documentation along with Source Code. It has made available for API, Modules and Notification sections. Complete Flow of the API, module and other necessary files will have Code documentation.

    Here is the glimpse of how the documentation looks like:

  • Highly Useful Data Import using CSV/XLSX/GoogleSheetNew Feature

    Why to hesitate in moving from your outdated platform to ever-expanding Configure.IT data panel when Data Import feature is available? Data can be imported using either CSV/XLSX or Google Sheet. Separate data for each module of data panel can be sourced from any other application and brought into data panel using this feature.
    All your business data stored either in Database or Tables can be taken into CIT data panel using Data Import Feature provided while editing the module. Its easy and time saving.

  • Only API code can be downloaded, no need for entire Backend code!New Feature

    If you are developing only API and not modules or entire data panel, then now you can download only API code which is very light weight compare to entire data panel source code. This will make your API working faster and also save lot of time.

  • Native and Customized Controls are documented!New Feature

    Documentation is the backbone of any Product. All mobile app related controls available in Configure.IT i.e. Native Controls and Configure.IT Controls are documented so make CIT more helpful and user-friendly.

    Please visit

    Now users do not have to rely only for Live Chat or Support as we are improving our help documentation. Controls are important part of Application and we are providing exclusive and in-depth documentation for each control that includes properties, actions, remarks and related FAQs.

    Moreover, Searching within the document has made easy as it supports search feature. Not only that, you can download this document as PDF format and take its reference offline.

  • Android Layout Settings documentNew Feature

    If iOS user works in Android, he need to know Layout Settings. We have come up with Android Layout Settings document to explain user about it. A document consisting of Layout Setting Properties, Rules, Validations and Screen Layout will guide the user to design screens of Android Application and also helps while syncing iOS and Android Apps. You can find it at

  • Quickly Add Whole Module in a Minute!New Feature

    User-friendliness has increased as we facilitate Quick Add Module feature which adds new module in a single step.

    From the Module Configuration page, clicking on quick module will add new module with single table and default fields without any relations with other tables.

  • ​​​​Font-awesome icons supportNew Feature

    Font-awsome icons support means pictographic language for web-related actions. It is provided for Icon Management in Admin Panel or Admin Dashboard Blocks.

    Font-awsome icons gives you scalable vector icons rage which can be customized with the power of CSS to edit size, color, drop shadow etc. This works perfect with all the frameworks and no JavaScript is needed. With single Font, 605 icons can be used.

  • Callback events messagesChanged

    ​Callback events for listing page in Admin module can be customized now using in-line editing. ​Any cell of the listing page can be edited.

  • ​Split menu options for Admin Panel Top MenuChanged

    Instead of displaying long list of submenu which user need to scroll, now user can divide menu items in different blocks. Split Menu provides option to bifurcate into different vertical menu.

  • ​Upload file size validation option​ at Server end​ for API file uploads.New Feature

    User can restrict the ultimate user by providing file size validation option at Server End for API file Uploads. This prevent users from uploading extra large files which saves unnecessary used server space.

  • ​Description blocks for API/Modules/NotificationsNew Feature

    While developing any API, Module or Notification, user can add any functional comments so that while reusing the source code, any new user can understand the functional requirement or flow.

  • Most Awaited Redo / Undo is now at your fingertips!New Feature

    Undo / Redo was not possible earlier in Configure.IT so please had to delete and do it again. We understand that user have to spend consideration time in it. To save the time and get back to last action is now possible!.

    Features of the Undo / Redo Feature:
    - Available for Centre Controller which is property based
    - Facilitates linear Undo to revert the latest action
    - User can go back to maximum 20 steps
    - Undo / Redo will work screen wise
    - Switching the screen will reset the stack of actions to undo/redo
    - Reloading the browser will reset the undo action stack
    - For Android, if you undo action, it will affect all the resolutions

  • Mapping of iOS and Android Screens!New Feature

    Very useful feature of Mapping of iOS and Android Screens is available for users. Using this feature, users can map each iOS App screen with Android Application. Linking of Screens utility is mainly used for Control Synchronization.
    All iOS screens will be listed and you can select the Android screen to be mapped with. This way Synchronization would be easy.

  • Filter Projects by Platform & DeviceNew Feature

    It was time-consuming to filter projects developed for one platform or Applications made for any once device. To facilitate this, we have come up with the filter feature now available for all the projects by Platform or by Device.

  • Now Notification Badges Customization is possible!New Feature

    Make your badges more attractive and unique as we have launched feature of Customization of the notification Badges. Using this feature you can use Badge Text Custom font, text color and background color in Application TAB Setting.

  • New "Create Project" User Interface introduced!Changed

    To simplify the process of Creating new projects, we have came up with new UI. Using the same screen, you can either start with blank template or pre-made template or even import earlier made project. In 1 go, the project creation process will be finished.

  • Replaced "Add New Screen" feature with Wizard for easinessNew Feature

    Adding new screen in the application have became easy with introduction of "Add New Screen" wizard. This wizard creates a new screen within a minute! Whatever option you want to choose from
    i) Using Blank Template
    ii) Using Ready Made Template OR
    iii) Uploading PSD files

    Using this wizard user can select listing, detail, forms and other personalized screens from various templates available.
    In next step, API can be mapped, if already configured in backend.

  • HotKey ReferencesNew Feature

    Provided users with list of HotKeys which can be used as short-cuts to trigger an action throughout Configure.IT

  • System VariablesNew Feature

    Three new properties related to Device are added as System Variables as below:

    1) DEVICE_CURRENT_DATE :- This property gives current date in format "yyyy-MM-dd".
    2) DEVICE_CURRENT_DATE_AND_TIME :- This property gives current date and time in format "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss".
    3) DEVICE_CURRENT_TIME :- This property gives current time with format "HH:mm:ss"

  • Now Change "Camera Mode" from Rear to Front and vice versa!New Feature

    Previously only rear Camera was to be used. But by adding new property called "Camera Mode", user can select the camera mode if its front camera or rear one. Default is rear.

  • New Parameter "Camera Mode" added in "Show Image Picker" ActionNew Feature

    "Camera Mode" parameter is added in "Show Image Picker" action for specifying whether front camera has to be used to capture image or rear one. Default is Rear

  • Replacing Assets in Asset Management is made easy!Changed

    Instead of providing multiple options to chose from, a single option for replacing existing file in Asset Management is provided to save time of the user.

  • Downloading Assets is possible now!New Feature

    Any assets of the Mobile Application can be downloaded as Zip file. A new Download icon is added in Asset Manager screen using which user can download single/multiple assets.

  • WhatsApp Sharing is now possible !New Feature

    Sharing of text/image to user's WhatsApp contacts using WhatsApp Share action is added on click of Button. Different parameters can be set in order to take this action like

    1) Contact abid (WATS_APP_CONTACT_ID) which is used to set address book id of WhatsApp enabled contact of users to which text/message has to be sent. Contact abid can be fetched from "Get Contacts " action or "Get Contacts" third party datasource, the response parameter "PersonIndex" value has to be set as "Contact abid".
    2) Image (IMAGE) is used to set image to be shared, if any.
    3) Text (TEXT) is used when text to be sent.

  • Added 3 New Parameters for "Get Contacts" ActionNew Feature

    Added following 3 new parameters to "Get Contacts" action:-

    1) Get Original Image :- This parameter is for fetching contacts original images. If "YES", contact original image parameters will be included in response parameters and if "NO", contacts original images will not be fetched.
    2) Save image in local :- This parameter is for saving contacts thumbnail image in local path and returning that path as response parameter. If "YES", contact thumbnail image will be saved in device local path and local path parameter will be included in response parameters and if "NO", image will not be saved and path will not be fetched.
    3) Get Image as Base 64 string :- This parameter is for getting contact thumbnail image as base64 encoded string. If "YES", contact thumbnail image, will be converted to base64 encoded string and included in response parameters.

  • Badge Settings in Application Tab SettingsNew Feature

    Added BadgeText related settings where user can change custom font , text color and background color in Application Tab Settings

  • Plot Data Range while preparing ChartsNew Feature

    New property named "Plot Data Range" is added using which user can set data range for different purpose in Chart View. To Set data range, you need to set minimum and maximum values for y-axis of chart view. Value for this property should be set in format {MinY}-{MaxY} e.g "0-100".

  • Web view featuresNew Feature

    Newly added property named "Link Should be Opened In'" sets type of browser in which links clicked by user in webview should be opened. User can select from following options :

    1) Web View (links will be opened in web view itself)
    2) External Browser (links will be opened in safari)
    3) InApp Browser (links will be opened in InApp browser).
    Default is set to Web View

  • Draggable Pin capability for users on Map New Feature

    Recently added a new parameter for Map called "Is Draggable" on "Add Pin" Action. This parameter adds facility for users to drag and drop the pin anywhere on the map. Once user will drop the pin, that location information will be fetched and stored in below session variables:

    - search_location_lat
    - search_location_lon
    - search_postal_code
    - search_location_country
    - search_location_state
    - search_address

  • 3 new parameters introduced for "Add Pin on Map" ActionNew Feature

    Added following new parameters for "Add Pin On Map" action :-

    1) Location Latitude :- This parameter is for setting latitude of the location at which pin has to be added.
    2) Location Longitude:- This parameter is for setting longitude of the location at which pin has to be added.
    3) Pin Image :- This parameter is for setting image for added pin. Image from assets or Image URL or Image on form object can be set.

  • “Pin Dragging Ended” Event to Map View control.New Feature

    This event is triggered when user drags and drops a draggable pin on Map View control. So any actions he wants to perform on pin drop, can be configured in “Pin Dragging Ended” event listed in ”ACTION(S)” tab of the map view control.

    Draggable pin is enabled on Map View in 3 cases :-
    1) If "Map Function" property is set to "Address Location".
    2) If "Map Function" property is set to "Global Location Search".
    3) If a draggable pin is added to map using "Add Pin On Map" action with "Is Draggable" parameter set to "YES".

    Details of the location where user has dropped the pin after dragging will be response parameters for this event. Following are the response parameters :-
    -> search_location_lat
    -> search_location_longitude
    -> search_postal_code
    -> search_location_country
    -> search_location_state
    -> search_address.

  • Set Background Image for MainViewNew Feature

    New property for Main view is added which is used to set Background image for Main view. That property can be found under CIT Custom Properties section in Property window.

  • Configure.IT - Android App Support launched!New Feature

    The most awaited upgrade in Configure.IT is finally here! Configure.IT is now cross-platform!
    Android App Support will now be available to all the users - existing and new, Basic and Premium. Configure your applications for Android also, in addition to the till date supported iOS platform. You can either start with Android App development independently by choosing the required platform, or migrate your existing iOS applications into the Android App. Henceforth mobile app development simplified!
    The following Android resolutions have been taken care of :
    (1) MDPI
    (2) HDPI
    (3) XHDPI
    (4) XXHDPI

  • Migrating iOS apps into Android version in a click?! Yes, now possible!New Feature

    Starting with Android App development from scratch is now passe! Migrate your existing iOS applications into its Android counterpart in a click and your Android application is ready for use. For more information on how this can be done, refer to the Android Migration Doc.

  • Synchronization between iOS and Android Apps on the flyNew Feature

    Configure.IT provides different kinds of syncing mechanism to support iOS to Android migration. This syncing feature ensures parallel development of your iOS and Android Applications without any additional effort.

    (1) Sync Screens : Allows you to sync application screens from iOS to Android.
    (2) Sync Controls : Allows you to sync controls for specific screens.
    (3) Hard Sync : Allows you to sync across the different Android resolutions.

  • Android Preview.IT App available on Google Play StoreNew Feature

    Configure your Android applications on Configure.IT and check it run-time on the Android Preview.IT App. Remember that the application that you preview will be device specific. You can install the app onto your device from PreviewIT App for Android

  • Backend : Debugger Tool introduced in API Configuration for easy debuggingNew Feature

    API Configuration in Configure.IT made more advanced with the addition of the Debugger Tool, which makes API debugging very easy and efficient. This is especially useful when you are trying to debug a complex API which uses a large number of blocks.
    Click on the ‘Debug’ button to start debugging the API.

    The flow of the API is highlighted depending upon the test values entered for the API. In the below screenshot, the API flow is highlighted in RED. You can view the input and output parameters for any block in the flow by simply clicking on the block.

    You can also set multiple breakpoints on the API (as shown in the image below) and then debug the API for those breakpoints individually. The different actions possible on the Debugger Tool :

    (1) Start/Pause flow execution - This is application when you have set breakpoints on the API flow and you want to start/pause the execution of the flow.
    (2) Step over next flow - This takes you through the blocks step-by-step to check the flow of the execution.
    (3) Deactivate breakpoints - Click on this if you want to deactivate the breakpoints that have been set in the flow.

  • Backend : Accepting JSON string as input parameters (dictionary and array) & it's children parameters as input for APIChanged

    Configure APIs in Configure.IT that can accept JSON string (dictionary and array) as input parameters and also its children parameters can be specified individually as input.
    Let’s check the configuration. Suppose you want to pass the following JSON Array as input to your API :

    The API needs to be configured like this :

    Set type as “JSON (Array)” in the input parameter and specify the name of the input parameter along with its child parameters.

    Use simple Query block for the Batch insertion of the data.

  • Backend : Set Top Filters on Module Listing PageNew Feature

    This new feature allows you to set the top filters on module listing page to make your search quick and more refined.
    On clicking on settings you will get the below panel, where you can select the fields on the basis of which the filtration is to be done. Also, set the order of occurrence of the fields in the top filter list.

    After configuring the filters, this is how top filters will look like on Admin Preview Panel.

  • Backend : Add Custom Buttons on Module Listing Page and Add/Update FormsNew Feature

    Grid Button Layout: This feature allows you to add custom buttons to your module listing page.

    On clicking the settings button, you will get the below grid button panel from you can add or remove the custom buttons to your module listing page as per your requirement. You also have the option to edit the default Grid button like changing the button title, changing the button icon and setting the button to ‘Icon Only’.

    Form Buttons: Similarly, this new feature allows you to add or remove custom buttons to Module Add/Update forms. Click on “Form Button” to open the Form Button Settings panel.

    Shown below is the Form Buttons Settings panel. Click on ‘Add New’ to add custom buttons on Add and(or) Update Forms. Remember to ‘Enable’ the Form Buttons Settings for the custom buttons to reflect in the Add/Update Forms.

    Set the required action on the custom button. The following actions can be set :
    (1) Confirm Dialog - Opens a confirm dialog box on button click. Set the action to performed on Submit i.e., calling a General PHP Function or an API or an Extended Class Method. You can also set the size of the dialog box.
    (2) Module - This is similar to setting the Edit Links on the Module Listing Page. Configure to redirect to a specific module and set the parameters accordingly.
    (3) URL Redirection - You can also set custom URLs to redirect to on custom button click.

  • Backend : Popup window size in Listing Page now configurableChanged

    These action settings allow you to dynamically set the width and height of the pop up window for adding / editing records on the Module Listing Page. You can specify width and height of the pop-up in either percentage or in pixels.
    Find this Module Configuration -> Listing Page Configuration -> Action Settings.

  • Backend : Multilingual Help on Backend DashboardNew Feature

    Click on “Help” to check the guidelines for correctly applying multilingual settings in your existing project. The guidelines include all the steps (in order) necessary to convert your project into multilingual.

  • Backend : SQLite Indexes and adding NULL configuration for fieldsNew Feature

    Add Index: This feature allows you to set the indexes to the fields.
    Add Unique: This feature allows you to set the field as unique.
    After you set indexing in the table fields, you will be able to see all the indexes in the ‘Table Indexes’ tab as shown below :

    Is NULL: This new feature allows you to set the field as Null or Not Null.

  • Backend : Having Condition added for Group By on Module ListingNew Feature

    A new feature “Having Condition” has been added in module listing page to display precise and specific data. The functionality is the same as that of the ‘Having’ condition used in MySQL queries.

  • Backend : Drag and Drop Facility for Files/ImagesNew Feature

    Configure.IT provides you with the drag and drop facility that makes it easier to upload files/images in the Admin Preview Panel.

  • Backend : File upload facility for Execute and Debug in APINew Feature

    Configure.IT provides you the new feature to upload files directly for testing the API.

  • Backend : Access Rights for Export and Print in Admin PanelNew Feature

    Configure.IT now also allows the admin to provide access rights for Export and Print to the different User Groups created on the Admin Panel.
    Find the access rights in the Add/Edit Form in Group Module in Admin Panel.

  • Backend : Enable/disable auto-translation of data entered for multi-lingual projectsNew Feature

    Multi-lingual projects allow you to auto-translate the data entered in the Admin Panel for the multi-lingual fields in the selected languages. However, you now have the option to enable / disable this auto-translation of data to the other languages. This implies that if you are editing any data in English, no change will occur in the data saved in the other languages for that multi-lingual field.
    Find this setting under Settings -> Preferences in the Admin Panel.

  • Backend : Multiple Sorting ON/OFFNew Feature

    This feature allows you to enable/disable sorting of records in the Listing Page based on multiple fields.
    Find this setting in Settings -> Cache in Admin Panel.

  • Backend : Search Preferences ON/OFFNew Feature

    A powerful feature of Configure.IT Admin Panels, that will allow the users to save the search preferences in the Module Listing Pages. You can also set the time duration for which the search preferences should be saved.
    Find this setting in Settings -> Cache in Admin Panel

  • Backend : Physical Record Delete ON/OFFNew Feature

    Set the ‘Physical Record Delete’ option on/off directly from here, instead of visiting and setting for every module individually. You will find this option under Admin Panel Configuration -> Project Management.

  • Mobile Panel : Action “WS Call” renamed to “API Call”Changed

    The action Web Service Call or WS Call has been renamed to API Call.

  • Mobile Panel : Action “DB Call” renamed to “Local API Call”Changed

    The action DB Call has been renamed to Local API Call.

  • Support Ticket System made easier and more accessibleNew Feature

    Configure.IT users can manage Support Tickets from their account itself! The Configure.IT ticketing system has now been integrated within your accounts. If you face any issues while exploring / configuring projects with Configure.IT, you can simply create a new ticket or can continue with the existing/open ticket of your project.

    [Note: For those not registered into Configure.IT, you can continue using the Support Ticket link to reach our team and get your queries answered.]

    (1) Create New Ticket: On click of this button you will be redirected to the page where you can raise your ticket.
    (2) Categorized Search: Categorized search allows you to filter your tickets on the basis of the ticket status.

    Open a new ticket

    Enter the details asked in the form to open a new ticket. This will create a new ticket for you.

  • Project Info Page enhancedChanged

    The UI of the Project Info screen has been updated. The components are segregated for your ease and convenience.

  • Configure API having JSON string as input parameters (both dictionary and array)New Feature

    In addition to using values and array (string and single dimensional), you can also use JSON as an input parameter for the API. The input parameter can be both in the form of JSON dictionary and JSON array. Refer to the screenshots below on how to configure for this.

    Note : This feature is available from Preview Version 2.1 onwards. Update your project to Version 2.1 to make use of this functionality, but take care not to lose your project customization in the process. Contact Configure.IT Support Team for more details on this.

  • Break/Continue (with condition satisfying) block added for API & NotificationsNew Feature

    Configure your APIs & Notifications for Break / Continue. Break / Continue block added using which you can configure for either break or continue depending on the condition(s) satisfied. Refer to the screenshot attached for configurations.

    Note : This feature is available from Preview Version 2.1 onwards. Update your project to Version 2.1 to make use of this functionality, but take care not to lose your project customization in the process. Contact Configure.IT Support Team for more details on this.

  • Variable block added for API & NotificationsNew Feature

    New block for variable assignment added in Configure.IT APIs & Notifications. Variable assignment can be done in two different ways :

    (A) Assign Value : A variable can be assigned to a value, string separated array, single dimensional array or multi dimensional array. The value to be assigned can be fetched from input parameter, any data source, static value, any expression or even a function.

    1) Other
    Enter Alpha Numeric Value with underscore in lowercase.

    2) Expression
    Eg 1 : 1 + 2
    Eg 2 : {%REQUEST.qty%} * 2
    Eg 3 : {%SYSTEM.price%}

    3) Function
    Function should be declared in
    > libraries
    > general.php
    file as like below

    function functionName($input_params='',$index_val= ''){
    // do your code
    Return value must be value or array.

    (B) Array (Advanced) : You can assign values to an array also using the Variable block of APIs & Notifications. You need to set the key and the value of the array and map it with any input parameter, any data source, static value, any expression or even a function.

  • Test Case Log for APINew Feature

    Test Case (Execution) Log for API allows you to view the execution details of any API. View the API Test Case URL, Tested By and Date. Execute the API, if needed. Find the Test Case Log icon on the bottom left corner of API Detail and Configuration pages.

  • CDN server implementation for Admin resources (JS/CSS/Fonts/Images)New Feature

    Save all your Admin resources like Images, JS and CSS files, Fonts onto the CDN server for speed optimization in the Admin Panel. To integrate CDN server, you need to first download the code and follow the instructions given in readme.txt file in the path >> public >> cdn >> readme.txt
    You can enable CDN server settings from Admin Panel Configuration -> Project Management

  • Batch insert/update feature for query block for MySQL APINew Feature

    Bulk insertion / updation of data now possible in Configure.IT through ‘Batch Insert’

  • Add Flow Comments in the API blocksNew Feature

    The API blocks in the API Configuration Interface have Flow Comments, where you can add your comments on the functionality of each of the blocks and save it for future reference.

  • Add dynamic Success / Failure messages in API Finish BlockNew Feature

    Instead of having only static messages in Finish block, you can now add messages with dynamic text. Use ‘#parameter_name#’ to use the output parameters in the dynamic message of Finish block.

  • SQLite Database Configuration Interface enhanced!New Feature

    New features have been added to SQLite Configuration Interface for user flexibility. Find the list below :

    1. Query Editor for SQLite DB - Configure.IT now supports Query Editor for SQLite DB as well. You can fire Select, Insert and Update SQLite queries here. The Query Editor is similar to the one provided for MySQL DB.

    2. Import SQLite DB - Import SQLite DB directly into Configure.IT server by simply uploading the required SQLite file and the DB will be automatically created.

  • SQLite API Configuration Interface enhanced!New Feature

    1. API execution and debugging for SQLite DB - Just like MySQL DB configuration, you can now execute and debug APIs for SQLite DB directly from Configure.IT Backend tool.
    2. Batch Insert feature for Query block (similar to that in MySQL API Query blocks)
    3. Copy APIs from MySQL to SQLite – Allows you to copy the MySQL APIs directly into SQLite, thus supporting reusability. The tables used in the API also get copied into SQLite DB parallely.
    4. New block added in SQLite Configuration Interface – Local Notification.

  • Add HTML tags and design the text for Data Grouping, Grand Summary and Group SummaryChanged

    In addition to using static text, you can use HTML tags and design the text for Data Grouping, Grand Summary and Group Summary. Follow the screen shots below for configuration steps of Data Grouping Text.

    This is how it looks on the Admin Output Panel.

  • 2-level Data Grouping supported for Admin Panel Listing PageChanged

    Data Grouping functionality in Module Listing page enhanced to support sub groups. You can now configure to get 2-level grouping in the Listing Page. Let us see the configuration steps for the same.

    The preview in Admin Output Panel :

  • Date Filter on Admin Panel Listing PageNew Feature

    Filter data on the Admin Output Panel Listing Page by setting custom Date Range. You can directly set the date type field on the basis of which you wish to filter data. Refer to the screen shots below for configuration.

    This is how it will look in the Admin Output Panel.

  • Send Push Notifications on the flyNew Feature

    An important feature added for Backend, where you can make you settings to send push notifications on the fly, rather than using CRON every time.

  • ‘Quick Search’ in Admin Panel Listing Page enhancedChanged

    Find a more user friendly ‘Quick Search’ in the Admin Panel Listing Page

  • Desktop Notifications enabled for DB errors in Admin PanelNew Feature

    In the Admin Output Panel, get notified through Desktop Notifications for the DB related errors and view the errors also. This will help the users in faster error detecting and fixing.

  • ‘Sent Notifications’ module added in Admin Panel New Feature

    View the list of all the sent notifications (Email / SMS / Push / Desktop) directly in the Admin Panel. Find the module ‘Sent Notifications’ under Resources menu in Admin Panel.

  • ‘Conditional Code’ settings enhanced in Form Configuration Changed

    Find a common interface for ‘Conditional Code’ in the Form Configuration Page. Save yourself the trouble of visiting the settings of specific field and setting conditional code.

  • Simplification of HTML Design Layout for Print Records, Detail View and Top Detail ViewChanged

    HTML Design Layout Interface for Print Records, Detail View and Top Detail View in Module Configuration simplified. Do away with the Labels, handle data directly using the KEY CODE. The HTML interface also takes care of the multi-lingual labels in the pages. Refer to the screen shot for the syntax to be used.

  • API Query Block enhanced – Select All and Multiple DeleteChanged

    Select All and Multiple Delete options added for Query Block. Select all fields by clicking on the Select All icon (refer to the screen shot) and for multiple delete, use CTRL + select (by click) to select and delete multiple records.
    Especially useful when a lot of fields to be selected or deleted together.

  • Backend Admin Panel with CI 3.0!Changed

    The Configure.IT Backend Admin Panel updated to CI 3.0

  • Amazon Web Server Settings in Backend Configuration PanelChanged

    Configure the Amazon Web Server directly from the Configuration Panel, in addition to setting it form the Admin Output Panel.

  • ‘View’ mode for records in Admin Output PanelNew Feature

    In addition to the ‘Update’ mode of records in the Admin Output Panel, there is also a ‘View’ mode in which the Update page of the form opens in View only mode.
    For example : …..admin/#category/category/add|mode|Update|id|2


  • PHP Functions – Check Syntax improved!Changed

    For PHP Functions, ‘Check Syntax’ not only validates the PHP Script but also gives the description of the syntactical error along with the line number. A highly useful and powerful feature, which will now make debugging much easier. Refer to the screen shots below.

  • APIs accepting array as input parametersChanged

    Now configure APIs with array as input parameters – array can be both string separated and single dimensional. Such arrays can be directly used as input parameters and their values will be automatically parsed and then worked upon as per the requirement. Refer to the screenshots below on how to configure for this.

    Screenshot 1 :: Configure the input parameters to be Array(String) and Array(Normal) in API Detail page

    Screenshot 2:: Map the input parameter directly with the corresponding field in the table. The individual values of the array are parsed automatically.

    Screenshot 3:: See how the value for the input parameters need to be passed

    Note : This feature is available from Preview Version 2.1 onwards. Update your project to Version 2.1 to make use of this functionality, but take care not to lose your project customization in the process. Contact Configure.IT Support Team for more details on this.

  • Loops in API & Notifications enhanced – Supports Array, Number and Custom IterationsChanged

    ‘Begin Loop’ block in APIs and Notifications enhanced to support different types of iterations. In addition to the normal array iteration that it earlier supported, you can now also configure ‘Begin Loop’ for number and custom iterations.

    Array Iteration : Normal iteration where the loop will run depending upon the value fetched from the selected data source.

    Number Iteration : Useful when you want the loop to run for a fixed number of times. You can specify the iteration loop to have a static number.

    Custom Iteration : Configure your custom settings for the loop i.e., the start point, the end point, operator and counter.

    Note : This feature is available from Preview Version 2.1 onwards. Update your project to Version 2.1 to make use of this functionality, but take care not to lose your project customization in the process. Contact Configure.IT Support Team for more details on this.

  • Messages library generation (multilingual) for APINew Feature

    For APIs with multilingual success/failure messages, the message library can be generated on the click of a button. You need not visit every single API and generate the messages individually. Click on ‘Sync Messages’ from API Configuration and the message library will be generated automatically.

  • Configure.IT Backend Output Panel now iPad compatibleNew Feature

    Configure.IT Backend Output Panel is now iPad compatible. Access the Output Panel directly from the iPad, making it responsive than before. However, some of the following features are not supported in iPad:

    • Password pattern lock
    • Inline cell editing in grid listing
    • Export records in grid listing
    • Show/Hide columns in grid listing

    The following features, although supported, should be avoided for better UI & UX :

    • Code Markup and Text Editor form field types
    • 3-Block and 3-Column Views for form
    • 3-Column Split View in form

  • Third party data source – ‘Google Analytics’ addedNew Feature

    Google Analytics is available as a third party data source in Configure.IT. No more going for custom coding, configure for Google Analytics under Data Sources >> Third Party List in a few simple steps. Select the data source and its input and output parameters will be generated automatically (just like it works for any other third party data source). Map the parameters and save the data source for further use.

  • Added new property ‘Change Tab Image’ under ‘Change Tabbar Properties’ actionNew Feature

    For the action ‘Change Tabbar Properties’, a new property ‘Change Tab Image’ is added for the action parameter ‘Tabbar Property’. This action allows you to change image of the tab on any event set.

  • Add Reference Notes to your projectNew Feature

    You can add notes to your project and save it for future reference. The notes can be project specific and screen specific for a project.

    You could earlier add notes to your project from Preview.IT App only by tapping on the floating menu. But now Configure.IT allows you to add notes directly from the Mobile Configuration Tool.

    Screenshot 1:: Click on this icon on the right hand panel of Mobile Configuration Tool

    Screenshot 2:: Notes popup will open up from where you can add project notes and screen specific notes

  • Lock / Unlock feature for APIs & NotificationsNew Feature

    Lock the configuration of API & Notifications after you are done configuring so that no (unwanted) changes can be made into it. However, if the API / Notification needs to be edited, unlock the locked configuration and make necessary changes. The lock/unlock icon is available on the API Configuration page.

  • Landing Page selection for Groups Add/Edit pageChanged

    The Add/Edit page of Groups module in Backend Output Panel allow Landing Page selection for the individual groups. This would imply that a user when logs in to the Output Panel, the landing page for him will depend on the group assigned to the user.

  • Third party data source – ‘In App Purchase’ addedNew Feature

    In App Purchase is available as a third party data source in Configure.IT. No more going for custom coding, configure for In App Purchase under Data Sources >> Third Party List in a few simple steps. You can configure for both In App Purchase and In App Restore third party data sources. Select the data source and its input and output parameters will be generated automatically (just like it works for any other third party data source). Map the parameters and save the data source for further use.

  • Preview.IT App updated to iPhone 6 and 6+ supportChanged

    iPhone 6 and 6+ support for Configure.IT - Preview.IT App.

  • All third party SDK updated to support iOS 8Changed

    Latest updates of third party SDK allow support for iOS 8 as per the Apple standards and requirements.

  • Sign in to Configure.IT directly using your LinkedIn and Google+ accountsNew Feature

    Configure.IT now allows its users to sign in directly using their LinkedIn or Google+ accounts. You need not bother with your credentials anymore. You can directly sign into Configure.IT if you have a LinkedIn or Google+ account.

  • Request parameters in Group By condition in Query block of API & NotificationsChanged

    ‘Extra Group By Condition’ in ‘Group By Fields’ of Query block in APIs & Notifications can now be configured to accept request parameters also.

    The following are the possibilities for ‘Extra Group By Condition’ :

    For group by extra condition, please provide Comma (,) separated values only.
    Eg 1 : iCountryId, vCountryName
    Eg 2 : iUserId, vUsername

    Request Parameter: IF( 1 = '{%REQUEST.number%}', vCountryCode, vCountry)

    Server Parameter: table_name.vIP = '{%SERVER.REMOTE_ADDR%}' Example : REMOTE_ADDR, HTTP_HOST


  • Upload image or media files on "Amazon Bucket" in API sectionChanged

    Upload the files of the API not just to the Local Server but also to Amazon Web Server. All you need to do is specify the ‘Bucket Name’ and the files will be automatically uploaded to the specified folder in the server.

  • Preview.IT Version 1.3.2 released!New Feature

    Preview.IT Version 1.3.2 released with brand new features and interface! Rather than the gestures that were used earlier, a floating menu has been provided, tapping on which you can perform multiple actions like refresh your current screen, re-download the project or go back to projects and even adding notes and recording screens.

    Screenshot 1 :: Tapping on the floating menu, the below screen appears. Go back to the project, refresh the current screen, re-download the project, add notes and recordings and save them for future reference.

    In addition, fresh features have been added like adding notes to your project.

    Screenshot 2 :: Notes listing screen – View the already saved notes for your project.

    Screenshot 3 :: Lists all the screens of the project. Select the screen for which you wish to add a note.

    Screenshot 4 :: The screen to add a new note. Give the title of the note and write a description. You can also associate a recording with the note.

    You can also record your project and save it for future reference.

    Screenshot 5 :: Add a new recording to your project. Tap on the record button shown below on the screen to begin recording. To stop recording, tap on the floating menu and select ‘Stop recording’.

  • Configure.IT frameworks updated to 64-bit supportChanged

    All Configure.IT frameworks updated to 64-bit support as per the latest Apple standards and requirements.

  • Configure.IT Apps now iOS8 compatibleNew Feature

    Configure.IT provides support for iOS8 and the applications configured will be iOS8 compatible!

  • INSTA PICUP template once again available for use with improved background process!Changed

    Just to let you know that we have re-launched Insta Picup template with improved background process. You will find the template ready and available for use on Configure.IT panel.

    To the users who have been using / used Insta Picup as the base template, we would request you to create a new project so that the template with improved background process is available to you for use.

  • Default theme UPGRADED for the dropped controls on Mobile Configuration Tool!Changed

    Find a Facebook like theme for controls dropped on Mobile Configuration Tool. The theme specific property configuration gets auto reflected in the Application Settings popup.

    Stay tuned for further updates on dropped controls' themes!

  • Preview.IT App – Version 1.2.9 Released!Changed

    Version 1.2.9 for the PreviewIT App now released! Find all the latest enhancements and all the latest issues fixes in the new version.

    You may download it directly by opening the following link in your device browser.

  • Dashboard Management in Improved and Enhanced Version!Changed

    Newly implemented features in Dashboard Management. Please note that these features will be available from Preview Version 2.0.7 onwards.

    1) Date filter – Allows to set filtration of records in the dashboard blocks on the basis of date.

    The preview of the date filter configured in Dashboard Block.

    2) Auto Update – Setting this feature, the records coming in the dashboard block will be automatically updated every 3 minutes.

    3) Block Source – A major feature enhancement in Dashboard Management that will lend huge flexibility to dashboard configuration by allowing the users to configure blocks from not just existing modules, but existing tables, views, APIs, writing custom queries and functions.

  • PreviewIT available now on App Store!New Feature

    We're glad to let you know that we've finally published the PreviewIT app on App Store. PreviewIT App allows you to preview the apps you configure here, in realtime on your iPhone and iPad.

    Download the app from App Store now! or visit

  • New Control Added - CHART VIEWNew Feature

    Custom control – Chart View – added to Configure.IT! This will allow the users to add charts in their applications by simple drag, drop and configure. The different properties and actions provided will give flexibility to the control depending upon user’s requirements. You can set plot, text, border and grid line colors, set borders, set axes properties, configure plot marker symbol to your Chart View.

    The different graph types that can be configured using Chart View control are :

    (1) Bar Chart
    (2) Scatter Plot
    (3) Curved Scatter Plot
    (4) Stepped Scatter Plot
    (5) Gradient Scatter Plot
    (6) Pie Chart
    (7) Donut Chart

    Some sample screen shots of the Chart View configured.

  • Configuring Sectional Grid View now possible using Configure.ITNew Feature

    Configure Sectional Grids using Configure.IT. Check the property “Sections Enable” to enable sections and specify the “Section Key” from the droplist.

  • Dashboard Management in Improved and Enhanced Version!New Feature

    A plethora of functionalities have been integrated into Dashboard Management, making it more useful than ever. Find the following enhancements in Dashboard Management :

    1. Advanced Search for Grid List and Pivot type blocks, allows you to search for data in the dashboard block
    2. Frozen Columns for Grid List and Pivot type blocks
    3. Adjust the block size from Dashboard Pages
    4. In addition to Pivot Table, Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Donut Chart, you will also be able to configure Area Chart, Line Chart, Horizontal Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Horizontal Bar Chart
    5. Set Formatter for selected fields from Field Settings

    A sample Dashboard page is given below :

    Find below the sample screen shots for different configurations possible from Dashboard Management.

    “Grid List” Configuration :

    “Detail Block” Configuration :

    “Row Data – 1” Configuration :
    This Pivot Chart type will have only one row label and two calculative fields.

    “Row Data – 2” Configuration :
    This Pivot Chart type will have two row labels and one calculative field. Using two row labels creates a sub-grid view of the 2nd row label with respect to the 1st row label. You can use upto 2 fields for row labels.

    “Row Column Data -1” Configuration :
    This type of configuration is especially useful when you want to configure for Stacked Bar Charts.

    “Row Column Data – 2” Configuration :
    This is a combination of “Row Data – 2” and “Row Column Data – 1” type configuration.

    Check the screen shot below for enabling Advance Search and Frozen Column features. These are applicable for Grid List and Pivot Chart types only.

  • Project Backend Preview Version 2.0.7 releasedNew Feature

    Project Backend Preview Latest Version 2.0.7 released! A fresh Admin Panel has been introduced with new design and look.

    Check the images below to get a glimpse of the new design of Configure.IT default Admin Panel.





  • Theme and Template integration in Admin PanelNew Feature

    You can now apply themes and templates to your Admin Panel to lend that WOW! factor. Check out the Admin Panel Configuration >> Project Management >> Theme Management section.

    Configure.IT provides 3 different theme types : CIT, Metronic and Default, each type having its own set of templates to choose from. You can also customize your Admin Panel by applying custom settings like alignment, borders, paging, grid settings, form settings to name a few. Set colors like Primary Color, Primary Light Color, Primary Dark Color, Primary Border Color, Secondary Color, General Border Color. You can also add more color types and customize your Admin Panel as per your requirements.

    Either apply a specific theme to your Admin Panel from the web configuration panel or activate theme in the Admin Panel for the end users to select a theme for themselves.

    After activating theme, the end user can apply the theme of his choice from here.

  • Write Functions, Procedures, Triggers and Views in Database Configuration PanelNew Feature

    Configure.IT now provides its users the interface to add Views, Triggers, Functions and Procedures directly from the Database Configuration Panel.

  • Upload image or media files on "Amazon Bucket" in API sectionNew Feature

    You can now upload image / media files on Amazon Web Server from the API Configuration section. All you need to do is specify the bucket name in the Query block in API Configuration interface and give “Amazon Web Server Access Key” and “Amazon Web Server Secret Key” in Settings >> Config in Admin Panel.

    Check the screen shots below to find out more..

  • Adding fixed number of fields in Database tablesChanged

    Improvements have been made in the Database Configuration section for adding fields to a table. You can now specify the number of fields you wish to add to your table. Add up to 20 fields at a time.

    Clicking on 'Add New' in the Edit Table page (for adding fields to the table), the following pop-up opens, which will ask you to specify the number of fields you wish to add.

    You can also give the number of fields you wish to add in the following interface.

  • Delete uploaded file in Add form in Admin PanelChanged

    You can now delete the uploaded image / media file in the Add form in Admin Panel, unlike the previous preview versions which allowed deletion only in the Update form.

  • Input Prefix / Suffix as TEXT or ICON for form settingsChanged

    Apart from using only text in Input Prefix / Suffix, you can also use icons. Choose the icons from Configure.IT’s in-built icon library.

  • New Control Added - CALENDAR VIEWNew Feature

    CIT control – Calendar View – added to Configure.IT! This will allow the users to add calendar view in their applications by simple drag, drop and configure. The different properties and actions provided will give flexibility to the control depending upon user’s requirements. You can set cell, text and background colors, set borders, use specific date formats to your Calendar View.

    The preview of the Calendar View configured.

  • Use Custom APIs directly in your apps using APP SETTINGSNew Feature

    Instead of using only the Configure.IT Engine supported URLs only to test your applications, specify the Base URL to test your apps directly with the custom APIs. This will now save the user from the hassle of specifying the custom API URLs only after downloading the application. Check this in Miscellaneous Settings >> App Settings.

  • Add ‘Location Title’ for pins on the mapNew Feature

    New feature added for the action – Add Pin on Map – which will allow you to add ‘Location Title’ to the pins.

  • Functionality of Action - Show Image Picker – enhancedChanged

    New functionalities added for Show Image Picker action. Specify maximum video size, maximum video duration and enable image editor for the picker.

  • New property added – Dynamic Height Enable – for Grid ViewNew Feature

    A new property has been added – Dynamic Height Enable, which will allow you to set dynamic height for Grid View.

  • Previewer App – Version 1.2.5 Released!Changed

    Version 1.2.5 for the Previewer App now released! Find all the latest enhancements, including Calender View and also all the latest issue fixes in the new version.

  • Download Source Code of Mobile Application to use in XcodeChanged

    You can download the source code of your mobile application. Source code download now comes with three options :
    (1) Full Code
    (2) Config Files
    (3) Config Files and Assets

    You can download the zip files of all the above. You need not download the entire source code every time you make changes in your project. Configure.IT now provides you with the flexibility of downloading only the config files and the assets and save you from the time consuming process of downloading the entire source code every time. Visit the 'Download' section for these options.

  • iOS 7 Properties added for different ControlsNew Feature

    Following iOS 7 supported properties have been added for the controls :

    1. Section Index Color :: A TableView property using which you can select color for the section index.
    2. Section Index Background Color :: Select background color for the section index. Property applicable for TableView.
    3. Section Index Tracking Background Color :: Again a TableView property which allows you to configure background color for section index tracking.
    4. Keyboard Dismiss Mode :: Property for TableView and ScrollView, where you can set the dismiss mode for keyboard. Either dismiss the keyboard on drag or on interaction.
    5. Selectable :: A TextView property which allows you to select the text input on the control for copy-paste actions.
    6. Tint Color :: Property applicable for MainView and View, which allows you to configure the tint color for selections.
    7. Search Bar Style :: Instead of showing the default search bar every time, configure to set the search bar style for SearchBar.
    8. Rotation Enabled :: A MapView property. Enable rotation by checking this property.
    9. Pitch Enabled :: A MapView property. Enable pitch by checking this property.

  • New Action Added - Rate AppNew Feature

    A new action - Rate App - has been added! Rate your app by configuring this action.

  • Add your own CUSTOM FONTS!New Feature

    In addition to the SYSTEM FONTS, Configure.IT will now allow its users to add their own CUSTOM FONTS! Upload a .OTF or .TTF font file and that font will be available across all your projects. Not just that, all your team members will also be able to use the uploaded custom fonts. In case a font uploaded is not web compatible, make sure to install that font onto your system. Explore the FONT FAMILY section of the mobile panel and get going!

  • Image Editor integrated for Image PickerNew Feature

    Image Pickers now come with the functionality of editing images while uploading images. Check the 'Enable Image Editing' property of Image Picker control to enable image editor.

    A variety of options like filtering the image, adjustment of brightness and contrast, auto enhancement, applying multiple effects like spot, hue, highlight, gloom, bloom, posterize, pixelate, blur & focus, cropping, rotating (both horizontally and vertically) and tone curve are supported for image editing. Save yourself the hassle of editing the images separately. The image editor comes with enough options to choose from. Rather a much-awaited functionality of Configure.IT!

  • New Action Added - Save Image To AlbumNew Feature

    A new action - Save Image To Album - has been added! Save images to gallery directly using this action.

  • Revised UI & UX IntegrationNew Feature

    Configure.IT in a brand NEW AVATAR!! Configure.IT has always aimed at delivering quality apps without compromising on user experience.. The new design has focused on a smoother flow while eliminating the issues previously faced! EXPLORE to find out more!

  • Online API Calling via SQLite APINew Feature

    Local APIs can be used to called Online APIs and preview the data real-time.


  • Preview and Test your App run-timeNew Feature

    Latest version of the Preview App - 2.0.4 - now released! Update your Preview App to the latest version with the bugs resolved for a smoother and easier navigation.

  • Multilingual ApplicationsNew Feature

    Configure.IT introduces the feature of configuring multi lingual apps! Choose from the extensive list of languages and configure the screens accordingly.

  • Miscellaneous FeaturesNew Feature

    Configure.IT makes it possible to configure simple but highly useful functionalities like Pull to Refresh, Alert View, Side Panel (to name a few) in simple clicks. Check for this in our Miscellaneous Settings section.

  • Asset ManagerNew Feature

    Configure.IT supports images in HD also in the Asset Manager. Save the image as @2x.png for HD images.

  • Smart Flow Configuration - Conditions and Control StructuresFixed

    For a complex API with innumerable condition and decision blocks and arrows, the flowchart was not saving as per set in the interface making it look very clumsy and unreadable. The issue has been fixed. Remember to update your generator to the latest version for the changes to reflect!

  • Query ControlNew Feature

    Configure.IT now supports custom fields in Query blocks.

  • Execute WS on the click of a buttonFixed

    Some commonly occurring issues in API response like displaying all the fields in the response (even those which have not been selected), response not displaying in correct order have been fixed. Remember to update your generator to the latest version for the changes to reflect!

  • Listing InterfaceChanged

    Admin Management Listing Fields Configuration Page layout enhanced! The features have been segregated into groups and some new features like Add to Push Notify, Extended Class have been added.

  • Add Custom CSS FileNew Feature

    Adding Custom CSS Files from the Listing Fields Configuration Page now possible!

  • Add Custom JS FileNew Feature

    Adding Custom JS Files from the Listing Fields Configuration Page now possible!

  • Push Notification Default ModuleNew Feature

    Push Notification module added in the Default Admin Panel. Save your settings in the module to send default push notifications to the device.

  • Language Labels InterfaceChanged

    Language Labels in the Configure.IT Configuration Panel enhanced. Now you can go for language specific syncing of the labels, which makes the syncing faster and easier.

  • Mod Settings InterfaceNew Feature

    Now find the Settings module of the Default Admin Panel in the configuration panel as well. So you need not visit the Admin Panel every time you need to make changes in the Settings module and vice versa.