How Configure.IT Handles Enterprise Mobile App Requirements

Configure.IT Platform
Jigar Panchal

In today’s challenging business scenario, companies need to keep pace with ever-changing requirements while simplifying complex operations. An enterprise-level mobile application with desired features is a time-tested tool in the hands of entrepreneurs for coping with changes and challenges. But then, various costs associated with custom mobile app development can take a sizeable chunk of the company’s working capital and may hurt expansion projects. Also, there is a risk of dependency when it comes to modification and customization of a business app when the company assigns the app development project to vendors.

Today, technological advancements have come up with online app development solutions to address business requirements across various industry sectors while developing a tailored mobile application. Configure.IT is one such advanced solution that can effectively meet enterprise mobile app requirements with its excellent functionality and robust framework.

Here are some of the examples showing how Configure.IT facilitates businesses while making a user-friendly, feature-rich mobile app:

No lock-in, no dependency
Entrepreneurs can own IP for apps through downloading a source code thereby eliminating the risks of vendor lock-in and dependency. Further modification and customization become hassle-free with 100% ownership of a source code.

No infrastructure costs
The complete browser-based platform significantly reduces the development costs through eliminating infrastructure cost and decreasing licensing cost. Companies can come up with an up and running application with the help of a PC connected to the Internet.

Saves time, energy and resources
Configure.IT facilitates enterprises to build solutions that follow all the prevalent standards and offers rapid app development while reducing development time. Business persons can readily focus on core business activities as the platform saves energy and resources.

Enhanced flexibility and security
A robust APIBuilder can integrate the existing APIs with Configure.IT APIs for powerful mediation and enhanced security. What’s more, the mobile app development tool offers seamless integration of ongoing changes to the already built solution.

Easy replication
Repetitive tasks bring a headache for entrepreneurs. Thanks to technology, Configure.IT platform helps them to get rid of redeveloping any developed solution with excellent replication capability. In a way, business owners can save their time and efforts in the redevelopment of any feature.

Single platform for every requirement
Mobile app development process consists of many aspects, and Configure.IT is all set to take care of every aspect from development to deployment of a bespoke mobile application. It facilitates users to create apps and backend compatible with the custom logic.

In addition to these factors, Configure.IT follows a module-driven approach and offers high scalability to store additional and growing information with ease through the cloud-based hosting facility. Multiple language support and other features of this platform enable companies to develop the next-gen, futuristic, and native mobile applications that can efficiently serve all business objectives.

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