How is Business Benefited by Custom Mobile Apps?

Jigar Panchal

In the edge of smartphones and mCommerce, mobile apps become inevitable for companies of all sizes. As enterprise mobility concept spreads by leaps and bounds, mobile apps enjoy a dominant position in the IT department of any company. Let’s have more idea about the benefits of them for businesses.

Businesses Benefits by Customized Mobile Apps

As the enterprise mobility concept gets momentum, companies of all sizes come up with customized applications for mobile devices. They also get an innovative avatar in order to deal with increasing competition and changing business scenario. All over the world, companies treat them as their online representatives.

Let’s have a glimpse at some interesting facts:

Facts for You

  • As per the survey of MarketingCharts, at present, about half of B2B vendors sell through mobile (including stores and apps), while 3 out of 4 respondents plan to offer m-commerce by the end of 2014.
  • As per the survey by NIELSEN, 93% of the US consumer packaged goods retailers plan to increase their spending on mobile app marketing in the next five years.
  • As per another survey, more than 60% people can change their mind in favor of a particular brand if it offers opportunities for mobile access, mobile apps, etc.

What do these facts indicate? They simply indicate the importance of mobile apps and enterprise mobility. In order to achieve a significant growth in the business, companies opt for the mobile platform all over the world. Now the question arises- Why does mobile platform gain popularity?

Face of Internet Changes

Shifting of people from PCs to smartphones and tablets change the face of the Internet. People’s migration from PCs puts mobile apps on the driving seat. As they offer numerous benefits to business, we mention a few of them as following:

Business Benefits of Tailor-made Mobile Apps

More Interactive Than a Website:

A mobile app is far more functional and interactive than a website for a company. No wonder that it is a common demand from the customers having smartphones. It attracts people more than a website.

SMB Benefit:

Numerous small and mid-sized companies come up with their apps as well that gives their customers a pleasant surprise. As a result of that, customers put in a good word for those companies.

Payment Convenience:

It provides a platform for business owners without any brick-and-mortar store in terms of payment acceptance and other facilities.

Assists for Achieving Business Goals:

With its flexible web access, social media links, feedback system and other innovative features, it certainly helps SMBs achieve their business goals.

Provides Real Time Data:

It readily provides useful data to its employees and clients on the move, which eventually transforms the growth of business by manifold.

Provides up-to-date Information:

It provides the latest information about new launches, activities, new service offerings, etc. to consumers in a very attractive way. It enhances customers’ confidence and a feeling of satisfaction for a particular brand or company.

Increases Visibility and Accessibility:

It significantly increases company’s visibility and customers’ accessibility, which eventually reinforces the brand.

Increases Exposure:

With uniform mobile app, a company can mark its presence to various mobile platforms.

In concluding remarks, we can state that mobile applications offer an array of benefits for businesses irrespective of their sizes and types. An inventive, innovative and interesting mobile application is a critical business demand these days.

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