How to Create an App in Minutes with Configure.IT

Jigar Panchal

Configure.IT is an online browser-based complete native iOS and Android mobile app development platform. Here are the few simple steps to learn how to create an app without writing a single line of code.

Step 1: Create an account

  • To create an account, click on ‘SIGN UP FOR FREE’ button, available on top right side of Configure.IT. Activate the account and then login to the dashboard.

Step 2: Start to create the new project

  • Create My First Project:
  • Click on ‘Create My First Project’ tab, available on the Dashboard that will be redirected to the ‘Create New Project’ page. Also, on the same page Help Center is available to get the help.

  • Create New Project
  • Enter the ‘Project Name’, Select the template and Click on ‘Create Project’ tab. This activity will take a couple of minutes to display the next screen because it will clone the Project Properties, Data tables and Admin Panel.

Step 3: Project Info

  • Enter the Project Name (If required), select the Project Category and Application Language.
  • Click on ‘Go to Configuration’ tab, available on top right side of the screen to configure the screens.

Step 4: Mobile app console

  • Now add the new screen using the “+NEW SCREEN” option, enter the screen name, choose the Screen Template from the Grid Option and click on ‘Add Screen’ to make the screen ready. Also, users can modify as per their requirements.

Step 5: Data Source Configuration

  • This option is available on the right panel of the Mobile App Console
  • Click on ‘Add Datasource’, to add new datasource in the current screen
  • After clicking on ‘+Add Datasource’, user will receive ‘Add Data Source’ pop-up
  • Now choose API from drop-down menu of ‘select data source’
  • Thus, input parameters, output parameters and default API Test URL will be generated automatically
  • To reflect data properly on the screen, select and map the output Parameters
  • Here, select and map the out parameters with Form Object
  • Click on ‘Form Object’
  • Another pop-up ‘SELECT OBJECT’ will display on the screen
  • Choose LABEL1 and click on SAVE
  • Similarly, map all the remaining output parameters and click on ‘SAVE’ button to save the datasource settings

Step 6: API Call

  • Once the datasource has been added successfully, define an action called ‘API Call’ on the current screen, for the input/output parameters to be used across the screen
  • Click on the Object Tree icon available on the top left corner of the screen
  • Select ‘GRID_VIEW1’ and go to the Property-Action window
  • Another pop-up will appear by choosing the ‘Load’ from Action(s)
  • Now, choose the API call from the ‘Action Defined’ tab
  • On selecting the API call, Action Parameters will appear on the screen
  • Select the datasource, i.e., MOVIES_LIST from drop-down menu
  • Click on ‘Save’

Step 7: Splash Screen

  • To get the Splash Screen, go to the screen list and select the first screen. This screen will appear while launching the application
  • For Splash Screen setting, click on the Object Tree icon. Thus, the MAIN_VIEW will appear on the screen
  • From the MAIN_VIEW, Click on the Action(S)1 tab and go to the ‘Time Completed’
  • Make sure that ‘Main View’ is selected so that the action is set for the entire screen
  • Now, select the ‘Time Completed’ tab, a pop-up will display on the screen
  • From that pop-up, select Redirect from the drop-down menu under the head ‘Action Defined’
  • Now go to the Select Screen and choose the “MoviesList1”
  • Click the ‘Save’ Button

Step 8: Run the Application

  • Run the application on a device by downloading the PreviewIT app

With Configure.IT, a non-programmer can also build a mobile app by following the above steps. For further info, user can visit the help center. Live Chat option is also available on the website to get an instant reply of the user’s query.

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