If you’re Web Developer, You’re Mobile App Developer as Well

Jigar Panchal

It sounds strange if a web developer is equally good at developing a mobile app! But with the advent of technology, it’s possible & quite interesting. The technology advancement has drastically reduced the gap between mobile app and web development. Read on to get more idea about this.

I've been app developer too

You, as a web developer, have made numerous websites and web pages till date. You have made web apps as well with necessary features. In short, you’re well aware of web technology, programming languages, coding, etc.

What if someone ask you to develop a mobile app? You’ll find it beyond your pay grade as your brain pops up with innumerable questions making you a doubting Thomas! Can I develop an app? If we list a few of those questions, they are sort of-

Do I need special coding language to develop a mobile app?

Is it necessary to make different mobile apps for different platforms?

Do I have totally different technology and platforms for making an app?

Do I require downloading software and other necessary tools for making an app?

Do I need to spend a lot of time for making a mobile app with desired features?

Do I need to deploy my app without preview?

Obviously, these and many more questions flood your mind when you just think about developing a mobile app. But, there is only one surpassing answer to all the above questions: NO, you don’t need to bother about any of those annoying issues.

Before addressing your questions, let’s know what the technological development brings us.

Impact of Technology

As smartphones’ penetration increases by leaps and bounds, technological advances make mobile app development process much simpler, easier, and faster. Technology narrows the gap between traditional web development and mobile app development.

Require Less-Time and Energy

Furthermore, as a web developer, you’ve spent lots of time and energy to make an attractive and innovative website. Let’s say that for making an inventive mobile app with all desired features, you need not spend that much time and energy. Thanks to technology, you only need creativity and passion for making a mobile app.

Answer of All Your Questions

Now, let’s move to your questions. There is one answer for your all, is Configure.IT. The biggest investment for iOS app development for web developer is iMac, Configure.IT has removed this limitation.

It is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) and available online, yes, online, which means that you do not need download any software or tool kits for developing your own app. Furthermore, you can get 24/7 technical assistance while making an app.

We facilitate you to develop mobile app without coding, and you can readily develop your app with all necessary features with its huge online library of resources.

Furthermore, this platform provides you a preview app facility before deploying it on a mobile platform along with modification facility. Online browser offers you all the features and control in native environment. Thus using your expertise in web development, you can readily develop a mobile app.


In short, these innovative platform facilitates you to develop your mobile app within very short time and less. They also provide you step-by-step instruction during entire app development process.

What else is necessary for a professional web developers like you? Just leverage the benefits of technological advances by using the most innovative mobile app development platform Configure.IT and develop your mobile app within no time.

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