iOS 10 Concept Features-Impressive Home Screen Shortcuts, Latest Multitasking UI And Much More

Jigar Panchal

In terms of visual design changes, Apple had not updated so many things in iOS 9. Instead, only some small changes were there which were not more appreciable. Now when WWDC is arriving soon, Apple will surely introduce iOS 10 there. Till the date so many iOS 10 concepts introduced that shows what iOS 10 will bring for us. As the same, this latest iOS 10 concept introduced some impressive things like Home screen shortcuts, multitasking UI and various other things that will surely fulfill those demanding visual design changes.

As we have seen some of the extra-ordinary changes, we need to admit that the designers have done a tremendous job by putting a lot of efforts. The concept shows the future iOS 10 that can be coming with user-friendly home screen shortcuts, redecorated multitasking UI and a number of other features as well.

Everyone is familiar with home screen shortcut way. Here you just need to swipe down on an app’s icon and you will be able to complete the work without opening an app. For example, if your App Store shows there are three apps whose update available, then you just need to swipe the app store and the update will automatically start. No need to open the app store. These kinds of handy features look small but they save lots of time & efforts.

Apart from the above feature, you can also play with some of the apps without unlocking the device. Here are some of the tasks that you can perform without unlocking your device. You can check weather directly, no need to unlock the device. The other interesting thing, you can enable or disable alarms with a swipe only without unlocking the device. The other concept can help your eyes. You can set the mode on dark that puts less force on your eyes from those white ample coming from some areas of iOS.

The multitasking UI will be the major change and it is really impressive as well. The running apps shows more details, we can see it in the video. Now to close any application, you just need to swipe it down. Less effort, more work. The notification colors for different apps can also be changed. So by seeing the color of notification, you an easily recognize the app.

One more thing to take in consideration. Apple itself should come with some functionalities that can decrease the app development time and a developer can develop an app in minimum efforts as well as minimum time. Configure.IT is the best example to satisfy the above sentence. With this innovative concurrent mobile app development platform, one can develop apps without writing a single line of code. You just need to drag & drop the things, and at the end, you can download the source code of iOS app in a pure native Swift language. Watch out the features of Configure.IT, to know this platform in deep.

As of now, the above concepts look really attractive. The changes shown here are feasible and impressive as well. Let’s see how many of them will be coming in iOS 10.

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