It’s Time to Check What iOS 9 Brings with It

Jigar Panchal

This time is to get awareness about Apple’s new operating system iOS 9, coming with the numerous changes in features, design, functionality and performance. This operating system will require only 1.3GB available space, so no need to delete photos and files in order to free up the necessary space.

iOS 9 is coming with some amazing changes that can bring a smile on the user’s face:

    Smarter Siri

    From the starting of iOS, Siri is doing a good job, making iOS devices hands free – This is the reason – why it is more popular. iOS 9 is coming with the better features, like Shazam integration and easy to operate just by saying ‘Hey Siri’. Siri is very useful feature to get the quick report about weather, sports. User can also find photos, contacts and other in-device things with Siri.

    Improvement in Maps

    iOS 9 maps is coming with the mass transit directions and nearby features that used to display restaurants and stores that are close by your actual location. Whenever you search in Maps, you’ll get a list of categories like Shopping, Fun, Food, and Drinks, which display venues that are located around you, that try to make it as accurate as Google Maps. Using the Apple maps, it would be easier to find the routes of Subways, Buses and Trains. Hope, this feature will elevate iOS 9.


    In iOS 9, notes app is coming with the booming features and becoming a noteworthy. It will give an improved organization, an easy-to-use formatting toolbar, more text formatting options, drawing sketches directly in your notes, easy to add photos and videos, add a web link in notes and better notes synchronization than before.


    Old passbook will replace as a wallet in iOS 9 with a new financial focus. It will provide extra features like Discover cards, store credit cards, etc. The other features will remain same as available in passbook such as add boarding passes, concert tickets, etc. Users will get quick access of apple wallet just by double-press touch ID home button on the lock screen.

    Battery Life

    iOS 9 is coming with battery saving feature named ‘Low Power mode’. User can use this feature if the power supply is not available to nearer place, iOS 9 will shut down background activities, reduce performance and automatically extend the battery life for a few extra hours.


    iOS 9 will give 6-digit passcode instead of 4-digit for supplementary security that will generate one million possible combinations instead of thousand – so it will be next to impossible to crack it and steal the sensitive information.

    Move from iOS to Android easily

    iOS 9 will provide easy transfer facilities, just download the ‘Move to iOS’ app & you can transfer contacts, videos, photos, message history, songs, books and many more things securely from android device to iOS device. This app will also useful to rebuild the app library.

So it’s final that iOS 9 is coming with so many exciting features that will improve the user experience and provide them the actual features what users really want. Hope, iOS 9 will overcome all the wishes of users with its improved factors.

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