Legal Aspects associated with Mobile App Development

Jigar Panchal

Every week thousands of apps hit the market. At the same time, thousands of hackers work hard to get the users’ private information or implant malware. Thus, while developing a mobile app developers have to be aware of app security issues. Here are the four aspects regarding app security and protection to keep in mind while developing a mobile app.

Confidentiality: Protect the ideas before to announce them to the world

Every day new and innovative ideas are coming out that give a new height to the tech industry. On the other hand, confidentiality issues become paramount in order to stop others from poaching ideas or intellectual property.

In app development, confidentiality issues will crop up when developers can take the help of others such as designers and copywriters. Because, to effectively assist developer, third parties have need to understand app logic. The best way of ensuring confidentiality is to tell them to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). There is no guarantee that a third party will not steal the information, but NDA is a good way to prevent such incidence.

Protecting intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to all work that is created in the process of developing and promoting the app such as app name, app logo, designs, graphics, source code, etc. IP is a fundamental factor in building a successful mobile app.

Developer should register all IP created in app development process with relevant IP registration bodies. It is important to provide a copyright protection to the app components such as original software code, content and designs. And, give a trademark protection to the app name and app logo.

Before starting the app development process, it is advisable to carry out a check with relevant IP registries. If, developer will use someone else’s registered trademark, they can claim against developer.

Privacy: Do not violate user’s trust

Privacy is a fundamental aspect to keep in mind while developing a mobile app. Developer needs to ensure that app contains a clear, comprehensive and accessible privacy policy.

Anytime developer collects Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) from the users. SPI includes users name, emails, Phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth and locations. If app is collecting this data in any way, developer should have a privacy policy that accurately and fully discloses how this data is collected and used, to whom is it disclosed and how it is stored. Moreover, developer should be aware of the privacy policy for the children.

Distribution: Properly understand and follow the rules laid down by app stores and other platforms

After completing the app development process, developers should choose the best platform through which the maximum targeted audience can access the app. Every app store has its own terms and conditions for app submission. So, it is great to be aware of these key considerations when building an app. It would be better to consult a lawyer, specializing in a technology sector to ensure that the app is fully protected.

Taking care of above aspects will make sure that the app will run on a relatively hassle-free path.

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