List of Impressive Technologies For The Firms To Boost Mobile App Engagement

Jigar Panchal

Today’s influx of mobile app, people can do everything with their smartphones than ever before. Mobile apps help to simplify everyday activities and make it easier than ever to perform important tasks on a daily basis. And that’s why demand of mobile app development is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Here are the few best technologies that help companies to drive mobile engagement.

Digital Wallet (Mobile Wallet)

Digital Wallet is totally changed the way consumers and businesses interact with each other. Digital wallets such as Google Wallet, PayPal, Square and many more, give a huge opportunity to brands and retailers to communicate and build a loyal relationship with their customers.

Gone are the days, when people were carrying money through a physical wallet – the inconvenient and risky way to pay the money. Mobile wallet solution gives a seamless experience to the customers by engaging them with the brands with the various ways such as loyalty cards, digital coupons, event tickets etc. Moreover, mobile wallet helps to remind the special offers or when a certain offer is about to the end via a push notification, that will appear on the user’s screen.

According to one survey, In 2015, 29% of transactions were done through a digital wallet. And it’s predicted that in 2020, 80% of adult population will have smartphones, so a digital wallet is a fair expectation.

Digital Coupons

People always eager to save money. In past, people were searching coupons from the papers and advertisers, to get the special discounts on their purchase. That was very tricky process, need to collect daily coupons and bring them to the store. While digital coupons are very easy to get and apply.

Digital coupons are the most effective way to engage the users. Companies can share their special discounts and offers through the coupons and create a chain process for attracting more buyers.

Location-based technology

Location-based technology is the best way for delivering the message while users are on the go. Such as iBeacon, a Bluetooth based device to broadcast and receive information within relatively close distance. This technology helps users to find exactly what they are looking for nearby, quickly and easily. One research indicates, 80% of mobile users depend on their smartphones to shop, that means it’s an excellent opportunity to engage with customers.

Push Notification

Mobile apps help to attract new users, but to make them habitual to use the app on regular basis is a big responsibility of the app owner. Push notification helps to awake customers and keep them engaged with the particular brands. One survey conducted by eConsultancy said, push notification encourages engagement by increasing daily app opens by 540% and they provide a response time by users that’s three times faster than by e-mail. Push notification helps to provide the special discount to the old customers on their special occasions such as birthday, marriage anniversary etc.

People firmly believe that future of everything is mobile. Nowadays, people can get every problem’s solution through the mobile and that’s why in today’s cut-throat competition, mobile marketing plays very crucial role.

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