Many-device-to-many-platform Mobile App Integration is No Longer a Challenge

Jigar Panchal

Nowadays, we cannot separate cloud computing and mobile apps, but mobile apps’ integration into the cloud comes as a big challenge in the way of app developers. They require a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) that provides the ultimate solution of this challenge. Let’s talk about the integration challenges along with the benefits of the mobile app development platform.

Many Devices Many Platforms

Today Enterprise mobility projects grow by leaps and bounds, and on delivering results their demand increases even more.

The increasing demand creates web traffic congestion and other difficulties like- multiple device platforms access issues, complex security issues, dissimilar enterprise apps and data sources without APIs, etc.

When it comes to mobile app integration with the many-device-to-many-platform, IT infrastructure just has to deal with some challenges. App developers or a company, mobile app integration in cloud platform is not an easy task for anyone. Let’s talk about the challenges come in their way during app integration.

Hot Challenges of Mobile Integration


In order to utilize the data and leverage all the benefits, apps should be compatible with all types of platforms like- android, iOS, etc. But, we cannot deny the fact that very few of them provide a facility to edit its user interface (UI) for making it compatible. To overcome the difficulty of alteration of such apps, one can support its mobile capabilities through a connector.

Difference Between Web and Mobile App:

Basic web developers may not have an idea about some complex resources for developing mobile apps. However, for mobile app development, skills like JavaScript and HTML5 or Native are the same as web development. Web developers can overcome this difficulty by having a platform on which they can write mobile app code with using their web development skills.

Multiple Devices and Platforms:

Multiple devices and multiple platforms are the fundamental challenges in the way of mobile app development. Multiple devices have different display sizes and memory. Multiple platforms and BYOD trend are a need to combine as well. Thus, a bridge is necessary to develop a universal mobile app.

Coding of Business Logic:

Business logic coding in devices through an app is not a good idea as it creates problems in terms of uncontrollable and repetitive code handling of the same business across multiple mobile apps. Advanced idea is to create business logic on a server that can gather, calculate and combine data from multiple sources.

SOA and WOA Trouble:

Most of the companies are well-versed with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), but the mobile world bases on Web Oriented Architecture (WOA). SOA is rigid while WOA is flexible, and both have dissimilar protocols. In order to leverage any company’s SOA properties in a WOA, an interface layer between SOA and WOA is essential.

That’s not all. Mobile application development and integration in the cloud platform have numerous difficulties that require attention of app developers. A complete mobile app development platform help developers in getting rid of all the difficulties and provide numerous benefits.

It should have Below Features:

Features Like

● Less coding : With less coding, developers can develop an app within a short time, which enables them to meet the deadline along with full use of their creativity.

● Library of tools : It should provide a huge library for tools and resources to transform their vision into reality.

● Live Preview : It facilitates watching and sharing of live preview to facilitate collaboration between developers and clients.

● Single Click API : It offers single click API connection that makes app development easier and faster.

● Third Party API : It has a third party API that provides hassle free app integration in the cloud along with social media connection.


A MEAP can be a power tool to bring mobile enablement to your cloud environment quickly and without a steep learning curve. By understanding what a MEAP is, what it does, when you should consider one, you can more easily solve the challenges of many-device-to-many-platform mobile application integration.

About Configure.IT

Configure.IT is a cross-platform App Development platform that empowers developing 100% native, customizable and extendible apps and backend, without writing code. The solution provides infrastructure free solution for developers, startups and enterprises, to build mobile solutions that doesn’t require great skills, experience and technology expertise.

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